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Dream About Wick meanings

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Example: What does this unusual dream mean (I'm Depressed)?

PLEASE, read the whole thing?

I've never even heard of anyone having a dream like this before, but maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, I can't remember much from the dream, but I can remember a little. Well, there are two different dreams I can sort of remember.

In the first dream, I was walking with someone else on this rocky mountain. The rocks were HUGE, and everyone could fall very easily. Anyway, this old person (I think) was holding my walking stick, but I was frustrated, took the walking stick away, and said, "This is MY walking stick!"

In the second dream, this guy (someone I never seen before) pulled out a gun on me and some other people. I was standing in the front, so he wanted to kill me first. I can't remember how, but I somehow knocked the gun down from him, struggled with him, and finally grabbed a hold of the gun. I honestly can't remember what happened next. I may have killed him, but I can't remember...

If this helps you decipher my two dreams, last night I went through hell. I was very close to killing myself because of everything that's going on in my life. I don't want to get too much into this, but I was molested by my older brother when I was only seven. I told my mom about this in September, and my life has been worse ever since. Last night, she told me how much she LOVES him, and quickly said she loved me too. :\ She was like, "I'm not going to stop talking to him because of YOU!" The point is, she treated me like crap. I yelled back to her, "Well, if you rather protect a child molester, then you go right ahead and do that. You're sick, and I don't even know why I call you my mother. You're like the child in this relationship, not me! I have to be my own mother. You don't even care if I kill myself! What's wrong with you? You're extremely selfish, and all you seem to care about is yourself. I'm garbage to you, but guess what? I refuse to be treated like garbage anymore. You have no control over me." Anyway, I realized yesterday that I shouldn't kill myself because of what others do to me. I should try to stay strong and steer clear of these people. I'm trying very hard to not talk to my mother. It's very hard on me, but my brother comes home every other week from college. :\ It makes me sick. I have to take my dog and me into my bedroom and wait it out until he leaves! Mom refuses to cooperate with me, and makes ME feel horrible about telling her of what happened. Another thing she told me yesterday was, "You need to stop dwelling on things!" UGH! I told her that I just couldn't believe the way she was treating me, and that I have absolutely no trust in her anymore. She is pretty much dead to me. I mean, I feel like I don't even know her anymore. She could care less about me, so... I can't talk to my dad or get help from him because mom and him divorced when I was just eleven. Plus, he beat me... It's not like he'd be much help, either. I've also told my grandma the same night I told mom because I was scared because I was about to kill myself... She said she believed me, but to not tell anybody else. :\ *sighs* I just want HELP, but it's like, the only place I can get it is from myself. It's hard doing it all myself, though. I have only an ounce of energy left, and even that is diminishing.

Anyway, maybe these dreams represent a transition in my life? I hope it's good one. :( Please, help?

This screams psychology all over again.

Let's start with interpreting the dreams.

The rocks :
A great symbol to represent how close to falling apart you feel. These types of images formed in a dream usually go in par with immense emotional AND physical stress/tension. However the fact that it is still in tact and that you were climbing can mean you have the ability to escalate and WILL do so, with or without friends/family. I suggest taking a candle outside on the patio or park and watching it flicker. Notice how the flame dances wildly, just as your life. However the wick, (or in this case you) is the one that is controlling it, ALLOWING it's existence. Even though forces from the outside will invade and blow out your fire, as long as the wick is strong, the fire can always return. As stupid as it seems, through deep observation you will gain a sort of "enlightenment" I found it to boost my confidence. :D

The stick :
Represents exactly what as it seems : You have something that you want to take back.
I'm guessing the person your saw greatly correlated with your mother. The stick, could have been her love. I feel that even though you feel betrayed and hurt; you want nothing more than your mom's love again, and most likely vice-versa

The second dream.
Your conscious just slapped a message onto your forehead.
Think of the man as your brother.
The gun: Memories from your father and brother
The people = Your life

You want to and have to disarm those memories in order to go on with and save your life.
The fact that the dream went on without a hitch shows that you indeed can overcome this.

You're not alone. I went through things very similar to these and almost killed myself over it as well.

Just know that you and only you have the power to slap your life upside the head and set a new course.

It also seems that you are lacking love, internal and external.
I suggest getting a pet or plant to establish some ties that can tether you to life again. Or a boyfriend? ;]

ANYHOW. Your eyes probably died half way through my wall of text, but I hope I helped.

Good luck,
Mikey :]

Example: How "wet" is a wet dream?

This question is trying to figure out what happens normally to guys who get wet dreams, so you should be a guy who gets them or at least had one to relate their experience. What I want to know is that when you wake up after the wet dream how much wetness will you find, compared to if you wet the bed? I know it is sticky, but is it just a spot the size of a quarter or maybe 2, 3, 5, 5, or 6 inches wide? How many layers does it soak through and does it make a difference what kind of underwear and shorts you wear? Does it help to lay on your back instead of your stomach? Do certain color underwear and sheets hide the stain better?

Example: I had a dream about a Nun, a crazed bum and my busted car. Could you explain to me please?

This dream occurred a few months ago, and so I wrote it down. Now I am getting the chance to ask for its meaning. So here it is.

I was dreaming I was back in Vegas and driving around. I drove around until I came upon a church and went in. When I went in I picked up a plastic fake candle that was white (the ones you see that glow because they got a light bulb at the top.) and walked around in the chambers and halls of the church. Then the candle began to transform into a real candle as I walked around until it became a real one. Into a real wax candle and flame. (The plastic and bulb was no more) then the flame began to float above the wick, above the candle a few inches. It was not longer burning the candles, it was burning in the air. It stayed above the candle and my mood began to uplift and as it did my candle became more and more real. continued...

Example: What do candles in my dream mean?

What could this mean? I dreamt that I was trying to light a lot of candles in my room. I think I was trying to create a spooky feeling in the room. But I couldn't light all the candles. There were so many of them and I couldn't get it all done. Some would light and then go out right away. Some I couldn't even reach the wick. It was so frustrating in the dream. Any ideas?

Example: Black candle dream meaning...?

On this desk/dresser I saw this black candle that was irregularly shaped (kind of like the one Shrek pulled out of his ear). It looked like as if it was impossible to light cause I could barely see the wick as it appeared burnt. I found this lighter close by and I decided to light it and as used the lighter, it acted as a flamethrower and let out a huge flame. And as soon as I placed the lighter down, the candle was lit and I was amazed that it can still light up. It felt like one of those dreams that can be viewed as both good or bad. Any ideas on what it could mean?

Example: Songs With Deep Meaning?

i need new songs that have deep meaning,
these are songs that i listen to all the time and i want more like them,
if you know any songs similar to these or know any i might like please list them :)
how to save a life - the fray
bother - corey taylor
numb - linkin park
never too late - three days grace
little house - the fray
because of you - kelly clarkson
beautiful - eminem
pain - three days grace
what hurts the most - rascal flatts
mad world - gary jules
black parade - my chemical romance
only hope - switchfoot
stan - eminem
hide and seek - imogen heap
just a dream - carrie underwood
wonderwall - oasis
the hand that feeds - nine inch nails
you're not alone - saosin
can't keep on loving you - elliot yamin
living on a prayer - bon jovi
bless the broken road - rascal flatts
help im alive - metric
unbelievable - craig david
the animal i have become - three days grace
everything - lifehouse
i hate everything about you - three days grace
addicted - kelly clarkson
black clouds - papa roach
iris - goo goo dolls
she will be loved - maroon 5
sleepless night - faber drive
stand still look pretty - the wreckers
my immortal - evanscence
ready to fall - rise against
secret - the pierces
keep holding on - avril lavigne
your guardian angel - the red jumpsuit apparatus
courage - superchick
hailie's - eminem
beautiful disaster - john mclaughlin
pain - jimmy eat world
21 guns - green day
freak on a leash - korn
don't worry be happy - bob marley
slipped away - avril lavigne
break - three days grace
vienna - the fray
don't jump - tokio hotel
nobody's home - avril lavigne
hold on - good charlotte
boulevard of broken dreams - green day
lose yourself - eminem
world so cold - three days grace
funhouse - pink
beauty from pain - superchick
girl next door - saving jane
everybody's fool - evanscence
apologize - one republic
running up that hill - placebo
bigger than love - my favorite highway
broken - evanscence
only hope - mandy moore
bridge over troubled water - simon & garfunkle
her diamonds - rob thomas
everybody hurts - r.e.m.
so small - carrie underwood
stand in the rain - superchick
second chance - shinedown
black roses red - alan grace
remembering sunday - all time low
breathe - anna nalick

Example: What does this reoccurring dream mean?! PLEASE!?

i keep having this dream over && over again: i walk into a public bathroom. It's empty. i go to a sink and start washing my hands. i look into the mirror and in the reflection, a few stalls down, i see a statue thing in a stall. It's a giant candle-like-statue with a wick coming out of its' head. The top of the head is melted a little. i realize that it's Saint Jude! but when i look at his feet, he has jeans peeking out from his robe-thing and he's wearing these clunky brown shoes (kinda like doc martens) that are exactly like my brothers. It's weirding me out cuz i keep having this dream! Why is the saint of hopeless causes in my dream? i swear this means something i just don't know what. Does anyone have the slightest clue what this could mean?

Thanx, Ray Ray=]

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok its a short one:
All i remember was there was a blue candle burning in darkness, it was a rectangle and all the sudden water trickled down and put the flame out and put a whole where the wick should be. and i hear "Oh no, Harry, the wick shouldnt burn out" (my name isnt harry and im a girl) and then i was in a school where my best guy friend was chasing me down a corridor.

i cant get these images out of my mine. please interp it or explain it to me?!

Example: Edwin Muirs 'Suburban dream' what is the mens absence symbolic for?

I understand that in the poem it is happy during the day, then when the men come home there is chaos, but does this have a deeper meaning? Does it reflect mens roles in society? or is it saying something about the suburbs?
Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks

Edwin Muir, ‘Suburban Dream’ (1946)

Walking the suburbs in the afternoon
In summer when the idle doors stand open
And the air flows through the rooms
Fanning the curtain hems,

You wander through a cool elysium
Of women, schoolgirls, children, garden talks,
With a schoolboy here and there
Conning his history book.

The men are all away in .offices,
Committee-rooms, laboratories, banks,
Or pushing cotton goods
In Wick or Ilfracombe.

The massed unanimous absence liberates
The light keys of the piano and sets free
Chopin and everlasting youth,
Now, with the masters gone.

And all things turn to images of peace,
The boy curled over his book, the young girl poised
On the path as if beguiled
By the silence of a wood.

It is a child's dream of a grown-up world.
But soon the brazen evening clocks will bring
The tramp of feet and brisk.
Fanfare of motor horns
And the masters come.

Example: What are these songs about and what do they mean?

1) I'll Walk- Bucky Covington
2) International Harvester- Craig Morgan
3) Stealing Cinderella- Chuck Wicks
4)Upper Middle Class White Trash- Lee Brice
5)Just a Dream- Carrie Underwood

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