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Dream About Wilderness meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was living in a large house in the middle of the wilderness with some nameless roommates. I was about to leave the house when I saw a ram and a bull (astrology maybe?) at the door. I quickly ran back into the house and locked both doors. My roommate opened the door and the two animals charged in. She got on the kitchen table with me and we began to throw items from the overhead cabinets at the animals

you know i think that dream means that you cant run away from who you are. i think the ram and bull reprensents who you are deep inside . you cant fight it or the anger and the impatent animals will keep geting anger if you want to know more,go to Kazulah they have a dream coder that you can use.hope this helps=)

Example: What could this dream mean?

I dreamed that a black bear and its two cubs came running onto my property, where they chased my company and their dog away.

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

I keep having the same re-occuring dream. I mean, it isn't a bad one. I always forget about it when I wake up, but this one was different. It was mean and my boyfriend of 3 years pretty much hiking. I never been with him in this dream, I was always alone I think. He was in it this time, and we were walking through trails and wilderness then off a sudden we come to the end. Its a very pretty place will hills, the grass perfectly green everywhere. Sky is very pretty and blue, with white puffy clouds. In the field, is a church. Its big and white. Like a Catholic Church Shrine or something. White, and gold and just very beautiful. There was a white picket fence around it. It looked like some sort of farm. It wasn't the only building...there we several other ones spread out across the valley with church symbols on them. This place is just very beautiful. I'm just wondering...what does the dream mean? Does it mean what I think it does?

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok so in my dream me and a bunch of people were in a forest preserve and their was this box thing with a window in it where they were growing trees and their was lights that kept going on and off and their was a giant rock inside it with three faces on it. The faces were of guys and one of the guys were looking down and the other two were looking straight ahead then all of the sudden this guy came walking up to the glass where i was standing but he was on the other side of the glass and i couldnt go in the box. so in my dream i said, "hi david" and its weird because i have a friend named scott who iv known for a few months and i just found out his real name is david but the guy in my dream didnt look at all like my friend and he always lost his lighter and in my dream he said that as soon as he got in town lost his lighter. then this guy named ryan came up and asked "so how much money do u ow her know" and i said "he ows me 90 dollars" and i just really have no idea what it means

Example: What does a dream about cats hiking through the wilderness on their hind legs mean?

I dreamed I was hiking through the wilderness with my dad, my former stepmother (they're divorced) and two cats, who belonged to them.
The cats walked on their hind legs and carried backpacks like humans. Everything looked like a map, not like real nature.
What does this mean?

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

I had a weird dream, and I'm just curious as to what it means. First I'll give a tiny bit of background:
I just started freshman year in college (old screenname), and it's in Westchester about 45 minutes from where I live (in Manhattan, NYC). I usually go home every weekend and it feels nice to be close, though sometimes I wonder if I'm getting the real campus experience. In the beginning of senior year, I was sent to a wilderness therapy camp as I stole close to $500 in cash and credit from my mom. It was a tough 2 months, but it worked and I never stole again. Though I kept having recurring dreams that I'd get sent back. And yesterday, I went to the movies with a friend and I asked her if I could have some change from her change bowl. She didn't respond, but I took the change anyway, as she was standing right there, albeit somewhat distracted. I did it again when she was looking and she got mildly aggravated. We then had a fight because I bought the tickets and she was supposed to buy the popcorn, and she said I had to apologize and understand that what I did was wrong before she bought the popcorn. I did, and it soon blew over.
Anyway, my dream:
So I awake in my dorm room, but for some reI reason this isn't a suburban campus. It looks like a quiet, 1800's European village. But there was snow everywhere. I remember remarking how cool the campus was (in reality, my college campus is tiny, but I love cities and am not a fan of victorian villages). Then, I started making a lot of friends with the people on campus (as in real life, I was making friends with my campus nieghbors), and having a great time. Then I tried to follow them to their next activity and they wouldn't let me go. Then, in the dream, I actually woke up (in the dream though), and remarked that I could do whatever I wanted, because it was still a dream Then I wondered if it was real life or if it was a dream. I concluded that it was real life but that I wasn't sure. After that, I highschool friend (in reality, he goes to college in DC and we were very casual friends) was rooming with me, and I took about $4 in change from his change bowl. It was my birthday that day (in reality, my birthday happened a week ago) and my dad and my stepmom both got wind of me stealing change. They got relatively mad, and said I would recieve no birthday presents. Then they had a family friend, and the family friend said a blue glove was missing. They blamed me for it as "that's my personality". I said I didn't steal and I actually was telling the truth, but they didn't believe me until I found the glove. Then they said things were fine but I still wouldn't get presents. Then I woke up for real. Probably one of the most vivid dreams of all time. Thanks in advance.

Example: Dream analysis: What does my dream mean?

I've had this recurring dream for a few years now. I'm not bothered by it, just quite interested in what it may mean.

The scenery varies but in each of these dreams I morph into either a lioness or a wolf. I usually play a defensive role in the dreams where I have to protect myself or my family from evils (be it a burglar or whatever). When I am not defending people/myself then I am exploring my surrounds as said animals. The dreams always begin with me looking down and seeing my arms and hands transform into the paws of a lion/wolf.

Example: What could this dream possibly mean?

I had this dream last night. It was very long and vivid.

I was living in a house that I had never seen before, when a man that I instantly knew was a "hit man" broke into the house. This man looked and sounded like Vin Diesel.
He taunted and humiliated me for several minutes and there was nothing I could do to fight him off. I felt completely at his mercy.
Then, another man came to my home and the hit man hid. I told him about the hit man, and he said that he would call the police for me.
The hit man shot me twice, but I didn't die. He screamed at me for not dying, then injected me with what I knew to be poison, then he left the house. I knew that he would be back soon, so I ran out the back and into a wilderness area behind the house. I found a creek and hid under the water, using a reed to breathe with. The police and ambulance came and told me that I would be placed in a witness protection program. They put me into the ambulance and I woke up.
Any body know?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Hi, I'm 15, male and I had a fairly strange dream recently. Basically what happened was in my dream I was in my room in my bed when I heard something coming from outside, specifically a growl, so I ran to my window which looks out to my backyard and I a saw a big cat that was just walking around in my backyard. Something out of the ordinary that happened in this dream was that I kept yelling saying that it was a cougar. This is strange because in most of the dreams that I have I'm almost never speaking, and I've never said a specific word like cougar and the cat didn't really resemble a cougar more of a female lion. Any way as the dream progresses the cougar sees my in my window and jumps up so I'm now staring directly at it. The only thing that is in between us is the glass from my window. Then while I'm staring at it and it back at me it smiles, and then I wake up.

I was just wondering if anyone had any idea what this symbolism means. Any response is good just don't be a dumbass. Thanks.

Example: Can someone tell me what my dream means?

In my dream Im nailed to a wall in my house by my bf and all of my xbfs are in a line with knives and they all take a turn at stabing me... my x from grade skl was even there. I kinda pass out or somthing and when I come to Im underwater in a stream or somthing and there are feary like things all around me and I see one that is a baby so I go to it and hold it for a while until it turns into some kind of evil fish thing and tries to kill me. My bf saves me and he's in army cloths and he pulls me out of the water and carries me into a forest where I grow wings and fly away. Then Im in the clouds and Im just sitting on one crying b/c Im alone and he shows up again and this time he looks like an angel or somthing b/c hes wearing a toga and he has wings and takes my hand and I wake up.

Its really wierd and makes noooo sense what-so-ever! Its also freaking me out b/c normaly my dreams mean somthing so if someone could tell me what it means that would be gr8 thx!

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