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Dream About Windmill meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

3 girls showed up at church each with an unique power. ( one had all the elements, telekinesis, fire/lava,) and then me I was just a normal girl. For some reason I ran away with them. We wanted a new life. We found abandoned farm and started a new life. But we weren't alone, there was a handsome mysterious young man watching us. Soon I started exchanging letter at an old windmill and talking. That did not go well with the girls. As we fell in love the other girls grew angrier. Finally one day the confronted him not know I was secretly listening. They told him that he had to leave for my own safety. As he left I confronted the girls and ran after him. I soon saw him driving away on a red motorcycle. As a heavy storm blew in I ran after him. After hours I collapsed from exhaustion only to look up and to see him. He ran over to me and picked me up and cared me over to an abandoned house and lit a fire. He then told me of his love for me, just as the girls barged in the door and attacked us, I woke up.

U like to live in dreams rather in real life x

Example: A wierd dream?

i had a dream a couple of months ago about the jonas brothers.
i was there with kevin and joe but not nick on a long road in america near a windmill and dairy queen and we were chasing a cat?

can anyone tell me whats it about?

ps. i love jonas brothers!

Example: Strange recurring dream since i was really little?

I get this dream every now and then and its always exactly the same. I've gotten this dream ever since i was REALLY little. I'm in the middle of a wheat field and the wind is blowing really really hard and my clothes are baggy and are like flapping against my skin with the wind. I know that I'm around 14 years old but i never SEE my body or clothes. I'm looking in the distance and squinting because of the dirt. and all of a sudden i see this really black old fashioned windmill (like the ones at miniature golf) and it keeps getting closer and i turn and run and then I fall into a black hole and i wake up. help me figure out what this means.

Example: Symbolic dream: how does it relate to reality?

I had a dream about wind catchers. The small ones you see in gardens with little bumble bees or butterfly's. When the wind picks up the flaps start to spin in a circle. The majority of them were yellow in my dream. They would be still, then begin to spin, slow down, then spin again: the wind wasn't at a constant speed.

Here is what my little symbol book said:

Windmill: Intellectual powers. Intellectual or spiritual work. Battling with the imagination.
Wind: Here the spirits of the air are being addressed. They personify the spirit or intellect. The wind can also mean a new idea or understanding.
Yellow: Refers to intuition and intellect (also in the sense of awareness)
Air: Symbol of essence and awareness. Insight, ideas, imagination, creative thinking, as well as a rich intellectual life. Effortless, but also a warning not to be a 'happy-go-lucky' person. Also a symbol of opportunities in the future.

My book usually helps me piece my dreams together. However this time ive got no idea what this is all supposed to mean, or how it could possible relate to real life.

Any ideas?

Example: I had a dream about a baby girl?

I had a dream last night that I was heavily pregnant, lived in Ireland and had to work for the nuns in a laundry room. I had a baby girl a while later. She had loads of black hair and bright blue eyes and she was wearing a pink baby grow. When she was 2 weeks old the nuns told me they had found a family for her and I could take her out for 2 hours to say my final good byes. As soon as I left the laundry room I began running, we eventually ran through a field and and I saw a windmill and I hid in it with my baby girl until it was dark then we left again and I kept going until I eventually found an abandoned cottage.
After this I woke up sweating and feeling like I had really just ran. But I was really upset as the baby was obviously gone and I had built a really strong connection with her. The dream felt so real. I was wondering what does this dream mean?

Example: Gorillaz: What do the lyrics of Feel Good Inc. mean?

Example: Is Holland the best country to enjoy biking?

Example: Phrase: "building castles in the sky"?

there was a question about where this phrase originated, and i was wondering what it means... maybe its relative to context or interpretation, but i want to assume it means "to dream big" figuratively speaking, of course... any other suggestions or legitimate descriptions?

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