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Dream About Window Shopping meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

It was the most vivid dream I had yet. I dreamed that I got off the bus and began walking down the usual street I use to get back home, but when I looked around every shop I passed by was empty. I looked up in the sky and (it looked like something like in the LINK) it was crackly. I looked down and began running to the bus station and there wasn't much people around. Then I saw three big black and white birds (huge) soaring in the sky. I don't know why but they scared me a lot. When I got to the station I saw huge gorillas stuck in cages and they couldn't escape. (kind of like King Kong stuck in a huge cage but on top of a building.) Then these people ordered me to get in line but we didn't go any where. Then we all gathered in a group and from a distance I could see this battle. The birds arrived and one swooped down trying to scare someone. Then I looked behind me and a bunch of military soldiers with guns arrived. They had a machine with them too. Then the soldiers waited for an enemy.

Now I heard this horrible scream or screech that was so loud and vivid that scared me. It was a huge alien creature and it began shooting laser beams from it's mouth and screeching. The commandeer told everyone to retreat and the alien chased me while killing everyone.

Your dream has multiple meanings. The empty shops represent dreams and hopes either not reached or forgotten. The birds represent three people in your life you don't understand well, you either view them as good when they do you harm, or you view them as harmful when they do you good. The battle represents the arguments you will have with the three people you don't understand and you will feel like your arguments get you knowhere. then one of the friends will try to intimidate you. Lastly, your most trusted friend will help you get rid of the intimidating friend but you will not fix the them and it will hurt other people.

Example: What does my strange dream mean?

Me and my friends were at my house, and something happened inside so we had to come out. Well, when we came out, they were gone, and I was suddenly in front of this box. Inside this box was a pencil that was used by one of my favorite artist. Also, there was a note, but I never read it. Then there was a storm, so I had to go to the barber shop. I was sitting in the barber shop talking with the people. They were old people with grey hair, and they were getting their hair cut, but I wasn't. Then I looked out the window and the car was gone. And then I sat there for a long time, and suddenly I was at home, and my sister and I were sitting on the porch. Then a really old dog walked up. This dog was about 7 feet tall, I guess. It kinda resembled a llama, but it was a dog. Anyway, my sister told me to hold its face so she could ride it. I held its face, and she got on, and I let go and she almost fell off. Then she just rode over next to the fence and someone woke me up.

This dream was very real- the locations were real and everything. Except for the barber shop. That was just created by my brain. But it was so real! What could it mean?

Example: What does the dream mean?

Okay so here is a few instances.

1. i don't remember anything in the dream but the end, this girl i a huge crush on was about to kiss me, before our lips pressed, I woke up.
Also, she had no colour in her eyes, they were completly white except fr the part that was meant to be black, the centre or whatever, was bright red.

2. I've had this dream before, years ago and only a few nights ago: I was first in some sort of giant shopping mall which seemed to be desined out of several shopping malls that really exsist. Some person (or persons) was chasing me (and possibly my friends) around. I somehow escaped through the parking lot on the top floor or something and got into another town. Appartently something apocalpitic happened to the town, like if most of it was deserted i don't know. But the kid still seemed to be chasing me. I've never seen the kid in reality, the kid was of a new zealand descent, his head was shaven and was way bigger than me.

Can anyone plase tell me what this means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night, I had a dream that I was at the usual shopping center (called The Forum) with my Mother(female, 40) in the drivers seat, and me (female, 13) in the passenger seat, and my little brother (male, 7) in the left backseat, behind my mother. We were driving when all of a sudden there was a boy, who looked about 14-16, with shoulder-length hair, and these guys are the guys who are my type. For some reason, I knew he was trying to sell us bingo tickets or something of the sort for the store he was working at, but I didn't come in contact with him. He was just in the parking lot of the store walking/running around try to sell these tickets for 20 dollars a piece. My mother notices he was following us and went the other way. We thought we lost him, but we had to come back that way, then we noticed he was actually following us. We turned around again, but had to go back the same way, so we slowly came around the big bingo building, and my mom didn't notice that he was right next to her window, but my brother and I did, and we she realized it, she screamed and jumped, and I laughed, and we tried to get away from him and take another way, and that's when I finally awoke.

If anyone could tell me what this dream means, or why I had it, I would appreciate it very much. This is one of the dreams I have had that I really wanted to know why I had it since my last dream, about 6 years ago, so I don't know why I'm stuck on this dream.

Thank you very much!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was driving out alone at night through a familiar shopping district, but all the signs were gone and the buildings had no windows or anything. My car stops on the side of the road and I get out to look for help. I find a house and enter through the garage. No one was there, but there was one window. I ask for help and a boy/man gives me a hammer and an electric scooter. I get out and continue on my journey. I think I was going to the mountains and there were no stars, I was all alone.

Just bored, thought I'd ask. Could be ten easy points, I'm easily amused.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt of my Uncle, who died when I was nine. I dreamt I was with my aunt (who has since remarried), and I heard a smash. It came from a neighboring house. When I looked, a window was broken in the house. I could see my Uncle through the broken window. I ran to him and hugged him, and I woke up crying because I miss him so much, even though he's been gone for 10 years. What does this mean?

I also dreamt later that I was back at college, and was shopping at an old stag shop with my best friend. We were looking at a display of lingerie, and shaking the dust off the items. What does this mean? Or is it just something crazy? XD

Example: What did this dream mean?

at the start a guy was hanging by his neck off mywasting line then my mom saw it so we all went down to my sisters room wen we went back to the siiting room girls form older years in my school were there so we decided to clime out a window and go to my nans old house . as we passed a shop we heard a load intercom calling the girls in my siting room they ran passed us and 1 of them was shot went we got to my nans house we stayed there for a while and then went back home my sister wandted to go to her room but i advised we stayed together then i woke up . what does this mean?

Example: My dream can you help?

i dreamt i was licking the local shop window whilst my mother was inside buying spam ham for my farthers lunch the next day what does this mean

Example: I dreamt that i was holding a baby, kinda window shopping in a furniture store.what does this mean?

im an architect n i dream of buildings all the time.but yeasterday, dreamt that i was holding a baby too.i was climbing down the staircase of that store.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream I dumped my 'boyfriend' I put this in quotation marks as in real life I do not have a boyfriend and I dumped him because he was being rude I don't know and my excuse for dumping him was that he cheated on me. I saw my friend (who doesn't smoke) smoking behind a shop window like a mannequin whilst I was heading to meet my blind date that someone else gave to me who had a kind of kidnapper tone that's the only way I can describe it.

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