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Dream About Window Washer meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Are there any romantic novels as good as twilight or even better...?

I read the twilight saga...N just loved it...!
I just read it recently and i seriously cannot get over Edward Cullen..!
I want to read more romantic teenage novels...
which are as good or even better than twilight..!
Bt this doesn't mean that they have to be all fantasies..
they just must be as gud..(& romantic..) as twilight...!
Any suggestion...?

1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
An incredibly funny, very upmarket love story with an enchanting heroine and the perfect romantic hero: a tartar with a heart of gold.

2. Middlemarch by George Eliot
Another great romantic story, in which the adorable intellectually pretentious heroine makes a disastrous marriage to a dessicated fossil before finding true love with a penniless somebody.

3. A Dog Day by Walter Emmanuel with illustrations by Cecil Alden
Quite the best dog story ever written, covering a day in the life of a stylish but wayward Victorian puppy.

4. The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford
Another wonderful and incredibly funny love story, based on the antics of the legendary Mitford sisters and their eccentric parents. A seminal book for my generation - as schoolgirls we all dreamed of the hero, that marvel of Gallic sophistication the Duke de Sauveterre.

5. The Tortoise and the Hare by Elizabeth Jenkins
One of the most brilliant and saddest novels ever written. The feeling of menace is unbearable as a gentle, beautiful, sensitive wife loses her smooth, cold lawyer husband to a formidable boot.

6. Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope
The hugely satisfying and quite unputdownable story of high jinks and politicking in a cathedral town. Unforgettable characters include the bishop's wife, the thuggish Mrs Proudie, and her adversary, the unctuous, scheming Mr Slope.

7. The Tale of Mr Tod by Beatrix Potter
Two of Potter's finest villains - Mr Tod, a suave fox, and Tommy Brook, a louche badger - slug it out while their rabbit victims escape. High comedy.

8. Excellent Women by Barbara Pym
Another wonderfully funny novel, about the goings-on in a London parish. A handsome naval officer and his feckless, unprincipled wife cause havoc among the flower-arranging ladies and the local vicar.

9. A Question of Upbringing by Anthony Powell
The first touching and hilarious volume in Powell's magnificent 12-book series Dance to the Music of Time shows Jenkins and his cronies at Eton, then moving on to life in London. We also catch our first glimpse of the great comic creation Kenneth Widmerpool. All 12 volumes cannot be too highly recommended.

10. The Judge's Story by Charles Morgan
In this brief, marvellous novel by a woefully neglected author, a retired judge, poised to write his masterpiece, is caught up in the financial disaster of a glamorous young couple. Tragic consequences lead to a surprisingly satisfying ending. Subtlety of characterisation and Morgan's vast knowledge of classical literature add immensely to the story's charm.

11. Dangerous: This is Nora Robert's best romantic novel.

12. Taken by Surprise: This novel by Susan Johnson is also a very popular romantic novel.

13. When We Meet Again: This novel by Victoria Alexander is about the love story of Pamela Effington and Prince Alexei of Avalonia. In this novel is a very interesting blend of romance and humor.

14. Skylight Confessions by Alice Hoffman (Little, Brown). At 17, Arlyn Singer walks into a mismatch of a marriage that she and her bridegroom, John, soon come to regret. True love turns up in the form of the window washer who tends to the Glass Slipper, the ironically named Connecticut residence where Arlyn and John share their less-than-fairy-tale marriage. Hoffman's brand of magical realism squeezes caring out of hard-to-reach places and ends up being a celebration of love.

15. Conjugal Love by Alberto Moravia (Other Press). In this newly reprinted 1949 novel of love and betrayal, Silvio Baldeschi, a member of the idle rich in 1930s Italy, goes to an isolated Tuscan villa with his sensual wife, Leda, to finish his novel. In the process, he's forced to admit that he has not only overestimated his writing talents but underestimated his wife's need for passion.

16. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen (Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill). Jacob Jankowski, the cranky resident of a retirement home, looks back on his years in the circus during the Depression and a love affair with Marlena, the offbeat star of the gritty circus and wife of the boss — a sadistic and unpredictable man.

17. Julie and Romeo Get Lucky by Jeanne Ray (Harmony). First-time novelist Ray — mother of novelist Ann Patchett — spins a delightful story about the complications that ensue when Romeo Cacciamani and Julie Roseman fall in love at age 63. In this Shakespeare-inspired tale, published in paperback this year, the lovers are from feuding families who own the only floral shops in Somerville, Massachusetts.

18. A Little Love Story by Roland Merullo (Vintage). Fans of Love Story, Erich Segal's tearjerker about the rich boy/poor girl relationship severed by death, won't want to miss this one. An accidental meeting leads to love between painter Jake Entwhistle and public relations assistant Janet Rossi, and to Jake's crusade to save her from dying of cystic fibrosis.

19. Stardust by Neil Gaiman (HarperCollins). In th

Example: What Does a Pig/Boar in a Dream Mean?

I had this dream with a pig/boar in it.

I was in the kitchen of an old apartment we lived in. I was just sitting there. Our laundry room door ( with washer wash in the kitchen w/ a door closing it in ) opened, and out came a tiny, brown haired runt with a snout and two little tusks. I got down, turning around to fix my jeans, and all of a sudden, the runt is HUGE as A house, yet it doesn't break any walls. Scared, I run out of the kitchen, down the hall, and into my room, the giant pig/boar chasing me. Being we lived in a apartment, the walls were not painted, just an eggshell white. I run into my room, and its empty, the walls, ceiling, and floor painted a flaming hot pink. My giant window is gone. The pig/boar follows, the door shutting. I run around in a circle, screaming and shouting, until it corners me, and eats me. I woke up, I was actually scared, my heart was beating fast, and I was sweating a little.

What does this mean, or what could it possibly mean?

Example: Can anyone Interpret all of these dreams?

Okay there are sort of a lot and I think my dreams are just so bizarre I have to wonder what they could mean. So Please just wondering if anyone could interpret any of these dreams.

This one is when i was really young but I remember really well. me and my mom were walking into a cave. There were on of those big round fountains u see on TV in one of the corners. From out of the shadow comes and alligator. I jump up into my moms arms kinda like scooby jumps into shaggy's arms. I reached down to pet the alligator and my mom pulled my hand back. "It's okay" i said. She put me down and I pet the alligator and we were suddenly looking at a dog. We sat down by the fountain and I asked if I could keep the dog.

Then there was one also when i was young. It was this town like hiding from a tornado in a big school gym. my mom was like instructing all of them and stuff. then she said she had to leave and told her im going with her. So then we were driving on one of those rides along the mountain you know? Of course it was all sunny and bright out. then we see this jeep thing or something with like hillbillies sitting on top of the seats. like on the head rests or whatever. They pulled out guns and shot my mom in the side through our window. She like pulled over and like climbed over to the passenger seat. I was like yelling and reached over the seat to see if I could reach the pedal. it was on the seat i pushed it and we stopped.

Then a couple of days ago it was something like in the future and we were police i was on of the police on a team of 3. 2 guys and then me the only girl. The two guys were like gay and in love with each other or something. Then I woke up because of the thunderstorm last night an when I fell back asleep the same dream picked up where it left off (weird).So then it was me my mom and some other woman. We were at an airport (still same plot tho like time and me being with the police.) Anyway, we were at an Airport in the bathroom which was full of a couple stalls and a bunch of washer machines. We washed our clothes and then missed our flight. Then i was in headquarters with my partners. i think we were fired (can't really remember) and I think someone was shot (again don't remember) So then I woke up again because of the storm. When i fell back asleep it picked up again. So it showed the future city we were in and all of a sudden these animal (mainly wildebeest) and other animals were jumping on the buildings and cars n stuff destroying the city. Then me and my partners were in our like futuristic fighter plane up in space just above earth's atmosphere fighting this HUGE white bird (like as big as the plane) and it was like the leader of the animals. Then my alarm went off so end of dream

there was another one just a few days ago. I don't really remember the whole thing but it was also in future times. There was a like a government and a dog barking in the dream. We were fighting and shooting with these high tech gun things and stuff. Then it liked switched a different scene but same story. It showed a bridge that stopped like 8 miles before it reached this cliff thing on the other side. In the water were these floaty things that spelled out some words. So it showed a woman in a really high tech car driving towards the bridge. she was going faster and faster. The car told her she was out of FDM. it switched to like a short supply of emergency fuel and she drove onto the bridge. Then the car told her she was reaching the Flat Canal. she didn't stop only went faster. then the car told her she would be dead in like 30 seconds. (or maybe it was 2 minutes). Anyway she reached the end of her bridge. her car shot off and like had helicopter propeller things come out from the top of it but she now out of gas so it started fall/ drift. You could see that the floaty things spelled out Say no to Drugs or something lol she landed on one and the car like bounced higher up and when the car landed on the other side it crashed and she rolled out and was alive then like spoke into her headphone saying it was a success or something.

Well that's all for now. And i don't do drugs lol. But i think my dreams are just so weird maybe its just me that thinks they're a little bizarre. Hope someone can help thanks in advance. Please no rude comments.

Example: Interpret this dream, please? (Long)?

Me and my Aunt are in a car, driving to pick my brother up from his girlfriend's house. I have no idea why, or how relevant this is, but we go to the next house, which is really an apartment complex. This guy pulls up next to us. He doesn't look menacing, but he doesn't look friendly either. He and my Aunt say "Hi" and he continues on into the apartment complex. My Aunt gets laundry out of her trunk. She tells me to wait in the car and she goes in. Through a window, I can see that she's in a laundry room putting clothes in the washer. All of a sudden, she slumps over (while still standing...don't ask.). Her face turns white and her eyes and mouth turn to little black slits. I get out of the car, and I see my brother coming up behind me. I grab his arm and tell him to run. He obeys, but then, the same guy me and my Aunt saw earlier comes out with a gun. And he chases us. So we're running aimlessly with this creep chasing us, and all of a sudden we're in this area with a deserted area with grass and a shelter that looks like it could have been one of those island homes, only it was ugly, dull, and made out of grey bricks. All the while, the guy screaming, "I just want to dance with you for no apparent reason!". So me and my brother turn around, only to find that the creeper is with another woman. I can't remember exactly what she looked like or what she was wearing, but I believe she was blonde, and fit. She doesn't talk, though. The guy says something and If I can recall correctly, the girl then walked off with my brother. I grab the gun in the guy's hand, and we struggle with it. But only for a few seconds, until he lets his grip loose. I end up with the gun. I put it to his head and pull the trigger, but it doesn't do anything. He miraculously ends up with the gun again, and shots himself in the tongue. But the gun became much smaller before hand, and a little tube was sticking out of it. His tongue starts bleeding. And then I forget what else happens.
Can anyone help me with this?

Example: Do you agree with the statement, "Everyone is at least a little gay?"?

As in, we are all prone to being at least a little gay, some are just way more gay than others. I've heard people say this, and I'm not sure I agree with it. What do you think? Why do people say this?

Example: Strange dream with appliances?

I had a dream where I somehow got my four cats to the vet, because they either had chikenpox, or measels, can't remember which, and I got home only to find complete chaos in the house. All our apliences had sprouted legs, and were walking around. Our large refigerator was trying to get into the art room, which it can't, our dishwasher was singing and dancing, our microwave was jumping on the kitchen counter, the tower to our virus infected desktop that we no longer use, was trying to slide towards the front door, the 3 air conditioners were trying to get out of their windows, the stove was trying to steam while trying to go into the living room, and our small refrigerator was sitting in a corner, the only one not doing chaos. I don't know where our destroyed washer was, but it was not there, and nor was the dryer. My question is what does this mean?

Example: Im hopeing someone can help me find the rest of this poem?

i found this poen but i dont remember where and it would mean so much to me if i can find the rest

here is part of it

this is to valued phone numbers that got lost in the washer, torn into a million little pieces. this is to sneaking out of the window in your room, careful not to hit the area around the floodlight. this is for unwanted help, and most needed attention; to the girls that put up away messages in hopes he'll understand, when really, he doesn't. this is to not only the guys being heartbreakers, but the girls as well. this is to those that try their hardest to play piano, but their fingers aren't long enough. this is to those that had their hearts ripped from their sleeves. this is to those that haven't been honored yet; to those that deserve it.his is to believing every lie. this is to being sick to my stomach just thinking about him loving someone else. this is to the pain i hold in every day. this is to the escape i thought i found in him. this is to those who live with a heart that has long since been broken. this is to those who live. this is to all the what ifs and to the wishes thatll never come true. this is to all the words you never said and to the ones we choke on. this is to holding your breath in that one perfect moment and being terrified that youll blink and itll all be gone. this is to when it is all gone and you feel like you have nothing left. this is to realizing that it wasnt your fault. and that theyre never. coming. back. this is to those who never got to say goodbye after saying something harsh before they left. this is to everything you thought once meant something and never did. this is to those who feel better aching than empty. this is to what didn't happen. this is to how i wish i'd never come that close to loving you. this is to knowing a relationship may or may not work out, but taking the leap anyway. this is to every tear you've wasted on people who never cared. this is to sitting and waiting for your phone to ring this is to being ignored. [this is to him knowing he's ignoring you.] this is to trying to being imperfectly perfect this is to finding him, and holding on tight. this is to the notes on your wall that you write to yourself. this is to the girl behind that smile. this is to the boy that nevers gets the girl. this is to those movies and magazines, the ones that make girls stop eatting, stop breathing..., stop caring. this is to wanting to speak the most honest words you've ever spoken in your life, not knowing whether they should bring you closer to living or dying. this is for all of us who cry with dry eyes. this is for those who fall in love in their dreams, and wake up only to wish to be sleeping again. this is to world peace. this is to not knowing this is to not wanting to know this is to losing a pregnancy you didn't want in the first place. and dying inside over it. this is to true love never ignited this is to prose and poetry and those with tender hearts this is to those who'll never get it... those who wonder where love starts. this is to that one person who think you're kindest, sweetest, smartest, and most beautiful person ever. this is to that one person who thinks you mean everything. this is to losing that one person. this is to loving him, but having to say no to him. this is to having him in your arms again, but knowing it won't last. this is to drunken make outs this is to those nights where you just can't sleep because every word they said to you replays, over and over. this is to those days when you just stay at home, because your heart is too weak to take in laughing. this is to those morning wake up calls he used to give you and the "sweet dreams" text messages before you fell asleep. this is to piggy back rides and cigerette smoke and those nights on the sidewalk where the two of you, were the two of you again...after so many years of changing. this is to him telling you secrets that no one is supposed to know this is to the girl that puts on his jacket when she's cold and this is to the guy that catches her smelling in his scent. this is to being his head rest and his hand to hold when he is drunk, and to being just another how's it going when he's sober. this is to letting go just as he starts to hold on this is to the boy who says, "no, i don't want to leave you out" and the way you find more meaning in it than there is. this is to all the friends in the spotlight and especially the one girl who isn't. this is to beautiful boys who are just beautiful friends. this is to your hands on the violin or cello or guitar or pen, and how beautiful they are. this is to the kid sitting in the corner away from the crowd because he doesn't "fit in" this is for that same kid that created the crowd in the first place this is to the ones that sit at home, lonely, hoping to find someone just like them. this is to the people who constantly want to bring you down because you were successful and they couldn't come close. this is to

Example: What does it mean when you dream your own ghost is hurting you?

I took a nap today with my cat on my roommates bed, and I dreamt I was dogsitting a friends 2 dogs, and my own cat was there as well. In my dream my cat and I fell asleep while on duty, I awoke in my dream to my own ghost trying to pull me by my ankles. I did not see her/my face, but I knew she was me because I saw her/my hands, they were identical, pink nail polish, same shape etc. She was also wearing my sweater that I was actually wearing yesterday.

In my dream I quickly remembered evil spirits must be invited in, and so I got up to face her/me and screamed "get out" to let her know she/i was uninvited, and to show that I was a strong spirited person that will not be afraid, I couldn't scream though, in my dream I knew I was dreaming, I remembered that when I can't scream in my dream, in means I am dreaming, but if I continue to scream in my dream I will eventually wake up to hear my own voice trail off the end of a small yell. I continued trying to scream "get out" to try to wake myself up thinking my own body was in some sort of danger in the real world. I looked for an open window, or door, to see where she/I might have entered in by, but I didn't find one. Somehow my bible, my own personal pink leather zip up cover bible was in the house, and I grabbed it to read out some verses to make the spirit annoyed or go away if she was indeed evil and from the devil, the first pages I opened to somehow retained my hand prints, the prints looked like heat sensors, but cold, so they were green in color, like a neon toxic waste color, so I flipped a chunk of pages, and then tried reading from a new section, the pages started turning gray on me, not solid gray, just too hazy to be able to read the words, so I started saying verses I knew from memory.

She was a see through-like ghost that couldn't be seen at all times, the house was trashed, and I looked around for her to continue casting her out. But I didn't see her. The 2 dogs I was sitting turned into 6 dogs, 2 dogs were real dogs this person actually owned, I know the owner in real life, and the other dogs included an alaskan sheepdog with one blue, one brown eye that I saw in real life also yesterday while shopping with my mother, the other dogs were random breeds I can't connect to anything I know of. But there were 6 dogs all different breeds. My cat through all this is a blue russian, 5 years old, very close to me in real life, stayed close to me the whole time in the dream, he pressed his body up against my arm while standing on the washing machine as I went to answer the door to the owner in. This was an older house, the washer and dryer were kept in the front entrance, as the owner stepped in I said " you have a ghost in this house", I assume from there I attempted leaving with my cat, but I woke up at that moment.

The sweater my ghost was wearing is a military "support the troops" sweater with all the countries names on it that have a canadian base on them. I bought this sweater at value village a few months ago. The pink bible was bought for me in India by a bf, it is a NIV version, I didn't see the color pink in the dream, i just knew it was my pink bible because it was soft in my hands, and it had a zipper, and a bookmark like the one inside my bible.

Another weird point here, I went to see "the rite" in theatre tonight, and it is about exorcism, and my crucifix fell off my neck, it has never fallen off before. The chain was not broken, the clasp was not bent, or in anyway damaged when i inspected it and put it back on, it simply fell off, opened, and fell off with out manipulation, or any damage. I do not believe a spirit opened my clasp and dropped it off my neck, but I do see it as a sign for me to pay more attention to god, like god is tugging at me. I am baptized and religious I attend church, I am not a stray, I am a child of god, but sometimes I find rosaries, or little prayer booklets on the bus, or somehow come across little things that remind me of God.

I am look for mature answers, maybe from someone religious, or someone who is experienced in interpreting dreams, please no god haters, or anti religious people with immature answers, Thank you.

Example: If you dream about falling down, what does that mean?

Well My Aunt Dream That She Was Falling From A
Really High Roller Coaster. What Does This Means?

Example: Is my mom supposed to do this!?!?

Ok Im 14 and one day I told my mom I wanted to be a singer,dancer and actress then we had this huge argument. Her stupid self thought I wanted to do singing,dancing and acting because I wanted to get away from my education. Excuse me u want me to be one of no-longer broke hollywood people. I damm well no I wont be a celebrity forever. Then she said for me to get good grades to go to singing,dancing,acting lesssons during the summer because it disturbs my education. Sometimes I wish she never cared about my education. She doesn't even let me play sports in school because she doesnt want to do sports. She thinks Im just like her. Only in the face, Im like u but not personality. In early 7th grade,( Im in 8th now) she kept picking all this girly, baby stuff for me so I had to prove to pick good clothes and yes Im the fierce, rocker kind. She makes study every few hours a day. Anyways but is my mom supposed to hold me back from my dreams. Im trying to pull my grades up but theres also this girl in my grade who is a very good singer dancer and she wants to try out for those disney shows but shes failing her classes. I was like man I no that girl is gonna be famous. But since my mom told me I had to prove myself that I have the talents, I've also been pretty mean to her lately. She also wanted to choose my electives for next year in high school. She didnt want me to be in ethnic dance.She was like no thats for in the summer. What am I supposed to do from here? Im just really mad so thats why I put the mean about my mom.

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