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Dream About Wine Cellar meanings

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Example: What does it mean in my dream when someone has one blue eye and one brown eye?

In my dream I was living in a large, very pleasant dormitory with some other girls I know. We had the night off and I was looking through my wine cellar for a couple nice bottles to celebrate with. I then suddenly found myself facing confrontation with something very painful that I've been experiencing in real life; someone who has caused me considerable torment in the past 2 years (and whom I've never had the opportunity to confront in person) was moving into my room in my dream, her bags were there already and she was coming down the hall. I became emotionally overwhelmed and as I was running away, ran into a man I've always admired(not at all in a romantic way). He was busy with someone else but looked directly at me and I noticed that one of his eyes was brown and the other bright blue. He then called my name and reached out both arms to hug me...then I woke up.

hmmm that is a strange dream but the one blue eyed and brown eyed could mean you are having trouble deciding between two guys one with blue eyes and one with brown eyes or it could mean that they one you are afraid of either had blue eyes or browns eyes and then the man you ran into could have blue eyes or brown eyes and they are being mixed into one. thats all i know

Example: I had a dream I was looking for a bottle of red wine? But..?

But every time I found a bottle of red wine, it turned to white wine? What does this mean? I don't think there were any wine glasses in my dream but there were a lot of wine bottles. I was not drinking the night before. I wasn't at a winery and I don't think I was at a vineyard in my dream either but one of the places I was looking for a bottle of red wine might have been a wine cellar? I'm not sure though. I just know I was looking for a bottle of red wine but every time I picked one up, it had turned into white wine. And if anybody has had this dream or could give me some insight, that would be great. I'm very curious.

Example: I have 3 dreams I need interpreted. Wine, driving, pregnancy. Unrelated?

I have this recurring dream that I am pregnant. Its been going on for years. Even when I was in the middle of my teen years. But I never lost my virginity until I was 18. I still have this dream every once in a while but not very often anymore that I can remember. (I have a horrible memory as it is. Remembering dreams is even harder.) I don't think I've ever finished the dream though. It use to be that the dream would go further every time I had the dream. But I never got to the point where I actually had the baby. I have been married for 6 months today and my husband is in Afghanistan. I don't think I've had the dream since we got engaged which was 9 months ago. Which is how long we had been trying to have a baby before he left. What does this dream mean? And then I just stop having it when we started trying?

Number 2
A couple of months ago I had a dream that I was driving intoxicated. I would never ever in a million years ever do that. I'm usually the one who makes sure that nobody does this. But in my dream I'm driving my uncle's car, who I lived with when my mother died when I was 12. This is the car I learned how to drive in and took my driving test in. In my dream, I'm driving this big suv and its pitch black outside and I come to a four way stop and I think I accidentally passed it and it was terrifying because I saw a cop car so I went straight through the four way stop and my headlights weren't on so I tried to turn them on and the switch for the headlights was the switch for the headlights in my husbands car, which is the car I drive, and they wouldn't come on. So going straight through the four way stop, I tried to park in an apartment neighborhood but I couldn't see and after my headlights wouldn't turn on the whole dream went dark like black and I couldn't see anything in my dream but I was still trying to park and then I woke up. It was so weird. I just remember being TERRIFIED when I woke up. I woke up feeling how I felt inside my dream. I've only had this dream that one time. It was so bizarre. Any thoughts?

And Number 3.
Last night I had a dream that I was looking for a bottle of red wine. I like red wine. I don't drink white wine but I have tasted it before. In my dream there were no wine glasses but I was looking through a lot of wine bottles. Most of them seemed to be white wine. But I was looking for red wine. But every time I found a red wine and picked it up, it had turned into white wine. I don't think I was at a vineyard or a winery. One of the places I was looking could have been a wine cellar maybe? I'm not sure. But all I remember is every time I picked up a bottle of red wine it turned into white wine. By the end of the dream I was trying to pick between two bottles of red wine that hadn't turned all the way into white wine yet but I wanted them to stay red wine. So weird.

Alright, do your thing. Interpret away! Please and thank you! I'm so curious about these dreams!
And if you need more details just specify and I will leave them but make sure you check back to update your answer!

Example: What is dream house? describle?

Example: I've always wanted to try wine before, and now that i'm 21, i have no idea on where to start, any suggestions?

I want to start a little wine collection over the next few years. Anyone have good suggestion on wines and info on how to properly store them, serve them, and drink them? It's like a dream come true being able to buy such drink.

Example: Can my great grandfather and grandfather to me talking mean something?

I had this dream last night that my great grandfather, who I have never met before, was talking to me. He told me "I love all of you" in which I said "I love you too. I'll tell Nanny Annie." My nanny is his youngest daughter, who is the only child from her generation left. Only the odd thing is, is that I was doing this through oujia board. Although, I think I was just talking about using one because I was not actually moving a piece of one or anything. I have also never used one of those boards before.

It isn't unheard of that my great grandfather comes to see people either because my mom and aunt said they saw him juggling and smiling when they were very young in his old wine cellar. They ended up screaming and running up the stairs in which my grandmother simple said "Oh, that was your grandfather." It is said that he always liked to make others laugh.

In the last year, I have had my grandfather also tell me the same thing, so I am confused if any of these things mean something. My grandfather died about 2 years ago. I had been so upset over a year, often crying before I went to bed. I had a similar dream where he said "I'll always love you with all my heart." I said something back to him, and then he flew off in what looked like a UFO with a really distant look in his eyes as if something terrible was going on. What could that signify?

Example: Are Fritzl and Rosemarie worse than Fred and Rosemary West.?

Fritzl locked up his children. Fred killed his.

Example: Are you a True country music fan? anwser these to find out?

here are some lyrics name the song and the artist with out googleing it!

Im gonna light the bedroom candles take the phone out of the wall
we can lay around and talk for hours or maybe we wont talk at all
im gonna reserrect the love that slipped away from us and the man you;ve been missin starten with some ...

livin on the road my friends is gonna keep you free and clean and now your were your skin like iron your breath as hard as kerosen were'nt your mama's only boy but her favorite one it seemed she began to cry when you said good bye and sank into your dreams ...

In 1814 we took a little trip along the c'jackson and down the mighty missip we took a little bacon and beans and caught the bloody british in the town of new orleans we fired our guns and the british kept a coming there wasnt as many as there was before we fired once more and the began runin down the missipi to the gulf of mexico...

I know every engineer on every train
All of their children, and all of their names
And every handout in every town
And every lock that ain't locked
When no one's around.

There gonna put me in the movies there gonna make a big star out of me we'll make a film about a man sad and lonley and all i got to do is act naturally

Guess it was meant to be
Romance is misery
So much for memories
And now I am headed to the penitentiary
See me on TV
The next cop series
I am a danger
I guess I should have did something about my anger
But I never learn
Real things I don't concern
I pour kerosene on everything I love
And watch it burn
I know it's my fault
But I wasn't happy it was over
She threw a fit
So I crashed that piece of **** Nova

Down on the corner near the traffic light everybody is staring as she goes by we stop and stair untill shes gone lord have mercy...

well boy meets girl and its a good bet girls gonna play a little hard to get but they got the same thing on there mind and that the world goes round dont it get you up and get you down it gets you walking around with a flashlight trying to find... love...

Cleo williams lived down the dirt road.
Made homemade wine like nobody I know
i dropped by one friday night, and said, can you help me cleo
I got a little girl waiting on me, and i want to treat her right

he said i got what you need son its set down in the cellar
he reached through the cob webs as he turned on the lights

Well, I raised in a sophisticated kind of style
Yeah, my taste in music and women drove my folks half wild
Mom and dad had a plan for me, it was debutantes and symphonies
But I like my music, I like my women wild

If i had taken the time
To write down a few lines
Everytime that you crossed this heart of mine
I`d put them all in a book
How much time would that have took
The words and years have a way of slipping back

Oh no! Too bad, there goes the chance that i had
I could have written a play so sweet and so funny
Given old Mr. Shakespere a run for his money
Written the words to the prettiest tune
That would never leave a dry eye in the room
My only excuse for not doing enough

He sends her roses and lines he composes, things a lady loves.
Well he`s there to hold her when she needs a shoulder, if life gets too rough.
Oh now that she`s left
I keep kicking myself whenever
I start thinking back
He says he needs her,
tells her he loves her,

Put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone
Let's pretend that we're together all alone
I'll tell the man to turn the juke box way down low
And you can tell your friend there with you


theres a warm breeze blowing from the south so i need to get going the palm trees and beaches call my name theres a bar i know well you can drink and breath in the sea air lay in the sun dance in the rainnn they got a place where ever one knows your name got music on the stero blue bonnets on the passin row and its a long way to mexico but im going there tonight line the margerites up im doing 90 in this pick up truck its a long way to mexicooooooo

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