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Dream About Winter Coat meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok this was one of the weirdest dreams of my life. i dreamed i was on an endurance game show with three other kids my age. there was another boy and then two girls. we got split up into teams with one boy and one girl on each team. the first task we had was that the other team had to see how long they could stay with like 6 winter coats on, a bunch of pairs of sweatpants, and really heavy stuff in a small heated room. my team got shipped out to alaska. we couldn't wear anything except bikinis and of course i didn't want to wear a bikini so i went up and talked to the producer, whose back was turned to me the whole time
why do i have to wear a bikini?
because those are the rules
but i dont want to! its gay
whats wrong with being gay?
its... creepy

and then the guy turned to me and he was this kid at my school who i hate and he said TOO F*CKING BAD, YOUR GONNA WEAR A BIKINI and thats when i woke up
i dont understand the gay part because my parents have lesbian friends and i never really cared if somebody was gay, as long as they didn't come onto me

Playing in a game in our dream indicates that we are taing note of how we play the game of life. If you were winning then you're probably coping well with circumstances in your life.
Because the producer was mad at you cu you didnt accept gays maybe means that in real life you don't accept him and soon you're afraid it might turn on you.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'm outside on the side of a road. It seems like I am in some part of Europe judging by the architecture of the houses and buildings, possibly England (I have never been to Europe by the way). It is snowing quite heavily, and there is a lot of snow on the ground as well (it appears to be winter). There are a large amount people standing on the side of the road that are cheering/applauding, but I cannot see their faces because it's too bright, and it seems like there is a parade of some sort coming through. I am holding this girl's hand, she is wearing a red coat and has blonde hair. I can't see her face though, only the side of her smile since she has a winter hat on. I must say, this is probably one of my most memorable dreams, a moment where I was actually happy. I don't quite understand it though.

Example: More Dreams About Him...What Do They Mean This Time?

Ok, so maybe you've read my other post about my current dreams about my ex. But in case you haven't, I'll catch you up. So my ex's name is Michael. We still like each other but he has a girlfriend, which just happens to be my friend. He cheated on her with me. She found out and we talked it over. I told her the whole truth and of course, I apologized. She confronted him about it and he lied, saying it was all my fault. She dumped him and me and her are still friends. So my dreams about him are continuing. He called me the other day and at the first 3 times he called, I didn't answer, but then the 4th time, I did. We talked a little, avoiding talking about the past. He noticed someting weird in my voice and asked me was I sleepy because it was around 1am. I said no. Truth was, I was kind of crying because I hadn't talked to him for a while and now all my feelings were coming together. I still love him, but I'm mat at him. Ok, so heres my dream. I was dressed in a mini skirt, a tank top, and high heels. Which is weird for me because I never dress like that to school. We were in the school building, in the hallway. He was coming out of his class and no one was in the hallway except for us. He came up to me and pushed me against a wall. Its hard to describe but he like put his hand on my thigh and wrapped my leg around his waist. Does that make sense? Sorry, its hard to describe. He puts his face near my neck and talks to me. He said, "You think you is sexy in that little skirt" or something like that. A teacher comes out and sees us, but he doesn't care. She stands there yelling at us, but it's like she's not there. Then, i look down the hall and see Chrissy. She's my friend and his current ex. She stares at us. The dream finishes there, though. What does it mean? Another dream was this. I was sleeping, in my dream, and I woke up. I was in this house. I don't know whose or where, but pictures of Michael were all over the walls. Everywhere. I walked down the stairs and saw Michael, but he looked weird. He had like a scar on his eye and was wearing a winter coat with no shirt under it. I said his name, but he didn't look at me. After a while, he did. He had a knife in his hand and he was carving something into a wooden table. I walked down the stairs and looked at him. I got scared and I was confused. I started crying and he just looked at me. I looked around and saw a door and I ran to it. He started running after me. I started screaming like in one of those horror movies where the murder is chasing the victim. There was a door in the basement that lead to go outside and I opened it and ran out and after I got out, crazy guy still chasing me. I saw Michael. My Michael. He was normal and I ran to him to hug him. I looked back to the basement door and the Crazy other Michael was gone. The end. Heres another dream. I was in school and we were outside. A guy named Charlie ran over Michael with a school bus. Charlie is a drug addict and he has failed like 3 times at least. I don't really like him but he was Michael's friend. I started crying and so did everyone else. I was acting though I did't know why. When I got homr, I walked in the door and went to go upstairs. Michael and Charlie were on my steps. Michael had a smile on his face and he was like , "So what's the next part of the mission?" In my dream, I knew what was happening, but like the real me in the real world didn't. I was trying to figure everything out. Next day, we went back to school. No Charlie or Michael. A teacher was crying over Michael and I told her to calm down. Renata appeared. She is an actress from a show I watch. She is a blonde lady about 25 yrs old. She told the teacher that Michael was alove and I elbowed her. Then she hesitated and started talking things. She was like, "What I mean is, I'm Michael. " I started yelling at her about how could she be Michael if she was blonde and had pale, pale skin. The teacher couldn't hear us, though we were right next to her. The dream ended there. So what are all these randoms dreams about him? I still love him, but I' mad. We don't talk much anymore and I'm usually all mopey, thinking about him 24/7. I miss him a bunch. Before he wasn't talking to me because Chrissy wouldn't let him , but now he doesn't have a girlfriend, so theres no exucse now. We use to talk and text everyday until she told him to stop. What's the crazy dreams about? They're driving me crazy. It's enough that I always have him on my mind. Can't he just disappear when I go to sleep? What are the dreams about?

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

In my dream, I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling that something really bad had happened. So I rolled over and picked up the phone (in my dream, that is) and dialed a phone number, but got a busy tone.

So I pulled on my bath robe and slippers and ran out of the house.

Although it was pitch black, I ran for what seemed to be a mile or two as fast as I could to a wooded area with a lot of tall pine trees.

At the edge of the trees, there was a huge fire, fifty feet high, and a bunch of people standing around it in their winter coats, just looking at it.

I pushed through the crowd of people and the policemen who tried to stop me from getting to the fire. Until one man stood in my way and held me back, telling me what happened.

A plane with more than three hundred people crashed and exploded upon impact, but most of the people, he told me, survived. I yelled at him, begging him to tell me about what happened to a certain person. At this point, I not only was really scared, but I felt this kind of sadness that's really hard to describe.

So he told me that the person I was asking for, a girl that I loved more than anything in the world, was the only one that died in the plane crash. All the rest of the 300 plus people on the plane survived and was able to walk away from the crash.

And I fell to my knees, crying, because then I realized that I had asked her to come back home on the next possible flight so I could see her smile again.

What do you think? What does it mean?

Example: Dream meaning? Bus crash?

In my dream I'm back in high school waiting for the bus on a steep hill in the winter. It is snowing, so i'm standing back a bit from the road under a tree, when the driver comes over the top of the hill he doesn't see me so I run out waving my arms as the bus goes past. The bus slams on it's breaks and skids of the road crashing. I run to the bus and start helping the kids in the bus who are hurt. for some reason even though this is a high school bus there is a small child about 5 or 6 and i have to help him zip up his coat as we wait for the police and other emergency responders, then i wake up. I have been out of high school for 25 years. what does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was in my english class with honors kids then the teacher told us that a teacher that I like from the middle school would be our substitute teacher for that class period. His son is in my class in my dream. Then we all saw him coming to our school wearing a scarf, a coat, and boots (in my dream it was winter.) Then when he came in his son just started talking about his father and stuff.

Then later in my dream the teacher came over my house and he helped me learn american history (which was the real subject that he teaches.)

Example: What does dreams of public masturbation mean?

First off, ignore the email and username. This is my troll account, but also my embarrassing questions account.

This may sound weird, but I've had a recurring event in my dream, not recurring dream altogether, where I am masturbating in privacy, but suddenly I am on a bus or in class and everyone is watching me. I end up really embarrassed until I wake up.

Another event is where I have a winter coat or sweatshirt on, and when I take it off, I have nothing under it. (I'm a guy so it's not that bad.)

Does this mean anything? Thanks

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt I was driving on the highway at night. My coat was unbuttoned, and I had a sudden urge to button it, so I tried to button it while driving. While my attention was distracted, I crashed into the car in front of me. Suddenly I'm at the police station. The officer says I have to go to jail, and there's nothing I can do about it. I realized that what I would regret most was not the time spent in jail, but the inevitability of being raped. Then I woke up.

Example: What does werewolves in my dream mean?

In my dream, it was like I was watching a movie & I'm not in it but instead a "viewer" The setting felt like a basement. There was a guy that were handcuffed on both hands and feet- he was d werewolf & was about to transform but everyone was calm like everything was okay & he was lying on his tummy at the top of a kind of large plastic square container.

There was another guy that felt like a teenager & a girl in her pre-teens/ not even & it felt like they knew the werewolf person like they were friends or family/ close acquaintance & the atmosphere was relaxed & they were kind of just there talking to him/ keeping the guy company & it felt like it was the most ordinary of occasions that they were there. Occasionally, the were-guy would ask the 2 other peeps to take one of his hand out of the handcuff to open the plastic container he was lying on top of to get a kind of spray ointment & it felt that d object was something necessary to take out. This happened a few times, getting one of d handcuffs off & taking the ointment in and out & on one of the time that his hand was free, the transformation began suddenly & there was no time to get the cuff back in. He told the two kids to lock themselves in (i knew that he meant in their rooms) & not go anywhere the whole day & shouted run. The next thing I saw was that the kids were gone in the basement & the were guy was at his feet behind a shadow & his eyes were luminscent & his were-snout was visible.

After that the were guy was somehow in the living room running up the stairs & he was right at the two kids' heels ( the teen age guy was running first b4 d little girl) & it felt like the girl was right at the were guy's reach but nothing happens. It felt like he could swipe the girl but nothing happens- just running after them (but the kids were screaming & really running)
&& it didn't really show in my dream but it felt like they were gonna be okay because there was the knowledge that the "viewer' knew/ that I knew there rooms had heavy steel/iron/metal doors almost like bank door volts but was much thinner but was still strong & pretty sold even though the house felt like your ordinary house.

So the kids got to the room somehow & the were wolf was going around d second floor looking for people & he went to the bathroom & looked at the tub cause there were towels that were stacked in it & there was a black thing that looked like a head full of hair in the middle so it felt like there was a person that was not moving but a person nonetheless & I suddenly got nervous cause it felt like he was gonna go for the kill if it was a person but upon closer inspection, it wasn't so he went out of there.

His next destination in the second floor was a side balcony & he was on his two feet (still in his were wolf form) & arms were @ d railing. He was looking around at people & it felt like he was deciding who to hunt. He saw a woman in a red winter coat & another woman in pink winter coat with a girl w/ her right beside the house for some reason but they were faced in another direction like & they were gonna cross the street- the red woman crossed to her left & the pink woman & little girl to the right. There was also a man on the other side of the road that just got out of his car that was parked at the side of his house that was facing the balcony where the were guy was looking on & i woke up from there.

I am asking this question because it's the first time I dreamed about werewolves. The were wolf did not look like Twilight were wolf where it looks like an ordinary wolf but a legit were wolf- half man & half wolf & you could really see that in his physique- he was leaner & his body was changed- a little grotesque even. He did not have a full on pelt/ coat but he had much more hair in his body than a human but you could still see through it & see the grotesque muscle changes that happened- that kind of were wolf. Can someone help? the dream didn't really scare me & it looked more like a movie that I was watching. There was no imagery of a full moon or anything & it happened during the day.

Example: What did my dream mean?

The dream started when I was in a building surrounding by police who were just walking around. One officer kept trying to grab me by my arms and hands. For some reason my gut told me to get away, I feared him. Other officers pulled me away and me onto an elevator where the other officer that I feared (now dressed in winter coat and hat with ear flaps) forced himself onto elevator. He smiled as he took my arm and pinned it behind my back and pulled another officers' gun from his holster. He told the officers they were going to kill me and cut me to pieces. One officer reached his hand to help me and the officer who had me pinned from out of nowhere has a machete type knife in his han and chops the other cops' fingers off. I made myself wake up.

I know studies say you dream what is in your mind, and what you eat can cause dreams. I eat a bowl ok Special K with 1/2 Banana every night (to stay healthy, go figure).

When I woke myself up I felt fear and checked on my family and made sure all doors were locked.

Any ideas on what this means? (besides go back to eating chocolate and forget Special K lol)

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