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Dream About Winter Coat meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

Two nights I had a very strange dream that it felt so real, even my heart was pouting so hard.
In my dream I was in an house that I used to live when I was little. I was sleeping with my mom and my two daugters in one bed when all of the sudden my oldest (5) daughter wakes me up and she had a gun in her hand it was a middle size gun I woke up and took it off her hands, I walked to the front door, it was like around 3am. When i opened the door I shoot the gun off to the field when all of he sudden i heard someone clapping when i turned to my right to look it was a lady with blonde hair and a winter long jacket and she stared running towards my house I shot the door very scared and then I woke up!

Most dreams are messages from the subconscious mind. You are just processing daily thoughts, feelings and events in the dream. It a warning dream of some kind. The shots and the gun speak to me of a warning. You fire a warning shot off into the darkness. The winter coat indicates this will probably take place in the winter time - I do believe this is a premonition of some sort. Be on your guard. if someone comes up to your door late at night (knocking may be the clapping) do not open the door but rather talk through it to get them help. Sometimes, a male will send a young girl or a woman to get the door open and then rush in.

Example: What would my dream mean if I had a weedcutter stuck in the pocket of my green coat?

The coat was in a closet hanging up.

Example: Really wierd dream, does it mean something?

ok i had this dream. its kinda long nd complicated, but i want to know if it means something.

at first, i was in a huge cafeteria, like the school cafeterias. i dont think it was my school, though. but there was a concert going on with the school band, strings, and chorus. im in band, so i was sitting there. but the chorus was singing then, so i wasnt playing. but later i got up and went to this hallway, but i could still hear the chorus. there were all these bathrooms and i kept going in them and throwing up in the toilet, then going to the next bathroom and throwing up. then suddenly this lady came in and started yelling at me for not being out there listening to the chorus.

then it changed. i was in a high school auditorium thing, like where the band and strings groups perform for concerts. in band, i have a really wierd and really fat teacher who i hate. but she was there conducting us. we wernt playing yet, but i was in the audience sitting with my friend. we were looking at my phone and it kept doing all these wierd things. like it kept saying one new message from luke, and i dont know anyone named luke. but then when i went to my inbox, the message wouldnt be there. then a thing started popping up on it and then disappearing. but i finally read it and it said i have to chose the button and record my voice. i put my phone down and followed my friend who had gone up to the stage because the band was about to perform. they hadnt started playing yet, but i went up there and sat down. we were supposed to be wearing black and white, and i was wearing skinny jeans, converse shoes, and a big black winter coat. i had a white shirt on underneath though. i told my friend not to tell my teacher because i didnt think she would notice unless someone pointed it out. but my friend told her and i had to take off my coat. then i left again and i dont remember what happened. but when i came back, the band was playing. i had to sneak behind everyone and sit down, but there was a huge curtain behind the band and i kept making it move. when i sat down, i was hoping my parents wouldnt see that i came in late. but i saw my uncle looking right at me. then, since the curtain behind me was still moving, all these people in the band started playing on it and swinging it and a bunch of people were walking behind it and pushing it out. my band teacher told everyone to get off the stage, then said into the microphone that the performance would be postponed due to the curtain problems.

sorry if that was long, but please help. i think it might mean something.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Sorry, I posted in the wrong category before...

So, I'm single, and I don't really like kids. Everyone around me is getting married and starting families. People ask when I'm going to settle down and I find myself speechless. Its just not my thing. So its odd that I had this particular dream and was wondering about its meaning considering it was so vivid. I'd like to know if its more literal or symbolic:

- I walked into a bathroom. The top of the walls were painted solid maroon, but under a thin frame of wood the bottom was some off-white wallpaper of red & purple flowers and other designs. I could hear a clock ticking loudly in my head. I lifted my coat and shirt, rubbed my stomach and thought, "wow its so hard. I'm getting big. There's really someone in there." I gazed in the mirror. Suddenly these racing thoughts started flooding my head. First it was just, "Thank god for winter coats and my already existing beer pooch. Maybe everyone will just think I'm fat." Then I thought, "guess it's time to see a doctor. I can't lie to myself anymore." Then, "Wait, what will people say when they find out? What do I say when they ask who the father is?" (I was very ashamed of the person, but don't recall who it was) I thought, "Will they question my ability to love it bc of my thoughts on children? Am I questioning my ability to love it right now?" Then I suddenly remembered, I'd for some reason gotten pregnant on purpose.? So then I said to myself, "It'll be good for you. Remember you wanted this. No regrets now." The clock kept ticking. Then, "No, I can't. I'll consider adoption." Then I started to panic like, "OMG I don't want to go through labor! Its horrible! I need an abortion! But I'm too far along!" I fell over the toilet puking and hyperventilating. Then I calmed myself by saying "You're losing it. You know you don't want to hurt her." (I knew it was a girl?) So I sunk down the wall and cried. I eventually dried my eyes, came out of the bathroom, and was met by 2 of my friends asking if I'd fallen in. I said, "I gotta go." one of them said, "No u don't.. have a beer." I suddenly felt like everything I was looking at was ugly and became highly annoyed. I knew they hadn't done anything, but I was just disgusted. I said "No, I have to go to the doctor first thing tomorrow." My other friend said, "Why, are u sick?" I said, "No...I'm pregnant." I smiled. The ticking stopped and I walked out the door.

I tried analyzing it myself bc I couldn't help but feel it was telling me something, but I can't make sense of it. Something changed at the end. I felt happy and the ticking stopped. It was as if I'd come to terms with everything and made a good choice. I've had dreams I was pregnant before, but nothing like this. Put it this way, if the same intensity was in a dream about alien abduction, I'd swear I was abducted. However I know I'm not pregnant, but the feeling was overwhelming. Who can interpret this?

Example: What do this dream mean?

i had a bad dream that my 6 year old fell out a window. the reason why is bcse she's afraid of birds and some black & white birds flew in a tree outside her window. then it opened & she fell out & i ran down to help her and some mean kids were trying to bury her alive. i got her and put her coat on she was alive & i was begging 4 help & no one came. So I was walking carrying her crying searching for a hospital mind u this is all in the winter. I have no coat or shoes on. Then I woke up

Example: What is the meaning of my dream? Help.!?

So, I had a two dreams about my ex boyfriend last night. The first one was this.

I was at my house and my ex boyfriend came to my house. When he come over, he was upset. He said that he was going to take two oxycottons (that night) and fake stomach issues and go to the emergency room the next day. He said if he faked stomach problems, then they would do surgery on his stomach and he would lose weight. I told him not to, because taking take two oxycottons would kill him. I took the bottle away from him and kept them. The next day, I read a newspaper (in my dream) and it talked about hw he committed suicide and did exactly what I told him not to do and he died on the operating table.

I then woke up, went back to sleep and had this dream:
I saw my ex and we got back together. I had no coat and it was almost winter but it was cold outside. We talked about the future and he said that when someone walks away from a relationship, they show that they are not meant to be together. I told him that he was right. I was confused, because I remembered reading the paper about his suicide and then I thought to myself "Perhaps I am hiding him?" during the dream. I felt a sense that I moved out of my mom's house because my ex and his family/ friends were showing me how to cook. He then said "Come on, we're leaving." I told him that I didn't have a coat. When we got to him car, he went through two plastic bags of clothes, most were a size large but I was a XL. He finally gave me a grey jacket. He then took me to a football game.

This whole 2 part dream and how they sorta connected weirded me out. I've heard of Oxycodone before but I don't know what it is and I know that two wouldn't be enough to kill most people, but that's how my dream was. What did both of my dreams mean?

Example: Meaning behind a continuing dream?

Sorry about that I forgot about details haha. Anyway, I generally have these dreams once every other week, and hve been having them for about 5 years now. Her attire generally matches the season ( for example coat and gloves for winter or T-shirt and shorts for summer). The colors are generally warm like red or orange, and she talks but nothing is heard only the movement of her lips. When she appears, shes trying to gain my attention, and the location changes but they're all areas I'm familiar with. Hope that's enough detail.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I had a very disturbing dream, and it's been bothering me all day. Please if you could, just tell me what this is supposed to mean.

so the dream started where I was on this train, and it was raining outside. The train was going through a dark forest and it was winter so there were snow all over the ground. My head was against the window, and i saw this black shadow in the forest, but even though the train was going extremely fast, the shadow stayed in the same spot, but it was coming closer to the train. I got scared so I pulled down the curtain type thing. Then I looked around to see who else was on the train, and there was no one besides me and a little boy who's head was in his hands, and he was crying. He was dressed in a black coat, and I dont know how to explain it, but there were these dark circles around his eyes, and the color of his eyes were a deep green color. So I was looking at him worryingly, and he looke up at me and screamed "It is my cry that wakes you in the night, And my body that crouches in the shadow." and I disticntly remember him screaming those exact words. then in the dream I woke up in this white room where there was a bed, and a black rose lying on the floor. For some reason I picked up the rose, and the whole scene went blank. Then I woke up in real life crying my eyes out.

What is this supposed to mean?! I'm worried about this.

Example: What does this dream mean?

in dreaming on having a baby but cant keep it. i had it 2 times already.
last nights in the dream my mom said i cant keep it because i dont have a winter coat for it...im not understanding it at all

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay, so two nights ago I had this dream that lasted all night. Or it was a few different dreams that some how correlated together.

In my dream I was gonna go to bed, because I was really tired. So I went upstairs to my bedroom and I saw this guy (who is in my grade, we'll call him Adam) sleeping in my sister's bed. My sister wasn't in the house for some reason. So I turned the lights on, freaked out on him, pulled him out of bed and pretty much dragged him out of the house. It's the middle of the winter and he didn't have a coat, so he was just standing there outside of my house. After a few seconds I gave in and pulled him back into the house. He explained to me that his mom kicked him out and he has nowhere else to go. So I decided to let him stay at my house.

At this point, I think I woke up for a few minutes and thought about how weird this dream was, then I fell back asleep.

Then I had a dream inside of my next dream. I was in some sort of post-apocalyptic world. There was some sort of massive explosion, I think. I was outside of what I'm guessing is my high school and I found Adam's dead body on the ground. Then I collapsed down next to him and started crying. So I woke up, still in my dream and saw Adam walking back from the bathroom.
He looked at me worriedly and asked, "Are you okay?" Then I ran over to him and hugged him.

I think this was where I woke up for a second time, thinking that I was going crazy for dreaming of this guy that I hardly knew. Then I fell asleep again.

In my dream, it was a few weeks later and I went to a Lupe Fiasco concert (He's a rapper). I don't remember this part of the dream as much, but I ended up in a stall in the girl's bathroom, having sex with Lupe Fiasco. I have to admit, it was pretty amazing.

Then I think I woke up again, happy this time, and fell back asleep.

In my dream I was back at home with Adam. He had been called on by the government to do some sort of secret mission and he had to leave. (it's a dream, okay? anything can happen!)
We wrote letters to each other secretly and for some reason we had to refer to each other as "America" instead of saying the other person's name. That lasted for about a month before I sent him a letter saying how much I missed him and that I wanted him to come home. Then his reply was, "I love you."
About a month after that I found out that I was pregnant with Lupe Fiasco's baby. I sent Adam a letter saying that he had to come home and that I had to tell him something very important in person. Somehow, he found a way to come home two months later. By then I was starting to "show".

I had to explain to him what had happened, and that I had sex with Lupe Fiasco way before we started liking each other. He was just staring at me with a disgusted look on his face. I told him that I loved him and I begged him to forgive me. I was waiting for answer on whether he would stay with me or not, but then I woke up.

What do you think this means? I don't have a crush on this guy. He sits next to me in science class and that's about it. BTW, I'm a freshman in high school...

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