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Dream About Winter meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

I'm a believer of dreams meaning something usually so i would like to interpret this one dream I had a few nights ago that I remember vividly.

Something happened before but I don't remember. It was winter and it was the afternoon. I found my grandfather, who I live with, dead by the sledding hill near my house [blood from his nose and he was just lying there] and I tried to drag his body to my backyard shed but instead of it being his body, it was my body. I told my grandmother, that I also live with, something about my other body being dead [that part, i don't remember as well], and then out of no where I started crying about my grandfather being dead. My grandmother told me to shut up and stop crying because it was useless but I knew she was genuinely hurt. [She yells when's she's mad/really sad/upset]. And then I woke up and I was dazed.

Please help because I'm really confused.

I think I can help - you decide.

If the scene is winter, then that could symbolically mean a kind of coldness, or cold feeling, to something happening in your waking life. Late afternoon could mean that the issue or event or change that the dream describes is happening "late", possibly late in your life, or it just took a long time for you to get to this point, or something else just late about the issue.

Your grandfather's body changes to your body because this is really about you, and that is the case for all dreams - they are about the dreamer. Don't worry that this dream might mean that your grandfather might suddenly die soon (the meaning usually isn't literal), but don't let my saying that keep you from giving appropriate attention to his frailty or health (if those need attention).

So, your grandfather dying in your dream would tend to mean that there is something about his influence on you, the values, beliefs or instincts that he instilled in you, that is "dying". Dying seems dramatic and negative, but dreams exaggerate, and it may be painted this way as a death because you actually have some regret or bad feeling about the change. It is hard to change, and we are often afraid of it, or mourn it - and that is why death is sometimes an appropriate metaphor for the passing of some belief, attitude or behaviour in your life.

If you are dragging the body to the backyard, it means that you are keeping this change relatively private (front yard is more public and visible), and taking it to a shed might mean you are trying to hide it to some extent (from yourself as well as others). Dragging the body can mean that there is something that is "dragging" around the issue represented by the dead body. That could either be related to time (like the lateness of the afternoon), or to burden, like what dragging around something dead would really feel like. You don't want to be doing that too much or too far, you'd want to bury the body (with appropriate ceremony) sooner rather than later.

Even your grandmother in your dream is not necessarily representing herself. Like your grandfather, she could be representing what was instilled in you, but by your grandmother. So look at what she is like, and try on this meaning: a part of you that is either like your grandmother, or influenced by your grandmother, was instilled by your grandmother is telling you to shut up and stop crying about what the death of grandfather means.

Well, you probably need to both "cry" or mourn this passing, or mark it in some way, and tell yourself to move on (like a "jump on the bus" idea). The crying, the comment from grandmother about the crying, and the hurt that grandmother feels - these are likely all things that you feel about the passing of some grandfather influence (attitude, belief, behaviour, or some issue related to grandfather).

Hope that helps - does it?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok this was one of the weirdest dreams of my life. i dreamed i was on an endurance game show with three other kids my age. there was another boy and then two girls. we got split up into teams with one boy and one girl on each team. the first task we had was that the other team had to see how long they could stay with like 6 winter coats on, a bunch of pairs of sweatpants, and really heavy stuff in a small heated room. my team got shipped out to alaska. we couldn't wear anything except bikinis and of course i didn't want to wear a bikini so i went up and talked to the producer, whose back was turned to me the whole time
why do i have to wear a bikini?
because those are the rules
but i dont want to! its gay
whats wrong with being gay?
its... creepy

and then the guy turned to me and he was this kid at my school who i hate and he said TOO F*CKING BAD, YOUR GONNA WEAR A BIKINI and thats when i woke up
i dont understand the gay part because my parents have lesbian friends and i never really cared if somebody was gay, as long as they didn't come onto me

Example: My kid napping dream means?

Okay, i had this dream in the winter but it still haunts me kinda, gives me shivers when i think about it. So me and my friend were walking on a road (new england) and we were chatting and laughing. and i said to her i saw a t.v program of this kid napper that drove my kids and kid napped them and put them in there van ( i think we all know those "kid napping vans"). Then after i said it, about 5 mins... a car starts slowing down next to us, so i instantly yell and tell my friend to run. I'm a runner so i guess i somehow outran a guy that was chasing me. meanwhile my friend was taken and shoved in th car. As i was running through the woods i came along a house and started yelling and banging on the doors and windows, no one was home. then i see that car (which my friend got kidnapped in) pull up in the driveway so i instantly start running again. I guess i fell the passed out because next thing i know i was in the front seet of that car. One of the guys was in the back seet leaning over to try and touch me.. but then i crouched down under the dash board. i got so frightened i awoke right then. what do you dream gurus think my dream means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was standing in front of my bathroom mirror, screaming horrifically (I couldn't hear anything, I just saw myself screaming) and there was a gun in my hand, and I think I shot myself but I think I could've just had the gun to my head then it ended...
What does it mean? :s

Example: What does my dream mean?

So I had a dream last night about this guy that I like. Let's call him "M".
So 2 of my friends, M, and I are sitting at a lunch table during lunch. We're all wearing winter jackets, so I look out the window, and it's perfectly sunny. I ask why we're wearing winter jackets, and he's like, it's cold. He makes some small talk and tells me that I'm really good at violin. So then he asks me if I can come over his house and tutor him for violin and math.
I have tutored him once before on violin, but that was once. Could that have anything to do with it? And it was in the middle of May when I tutored him. May 16th, 2007.
Please and thank you!

Example: What does this dream mean?

in the dream i'm taking a bath and this strange homeless looking woman steps in and starts talking to me. she tells me about how Siberia is facing a terrible freeze and everyone is dying there. (which is weird since I'm pretty sure Siberia is in the Russia area and is always cold, right) and she says that there's going to be a freeze where i live just like the one in Siberia.

the next day (in real life) it did get kind of cold, (cause it was winter) but i live in Texas, so it wasn't that cold. what exactly did that dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream where there was a nuclear winter or some terrible weather event where there was too much snow to get around. I was stuck in an oil tanker. Inside the oil tanker was a tailor and all I was concerned with is getting my slacks tailored properly. How could this possibly be interpreted?


Last night I had a dream of my ex boyfriend. I was basically walking home and then I see him in this forest with autumn leaves everywhere and I ran to him, very happy to see me, and he picked me up and swirled me around and we were laughing. What the hell does this mean? thaaanks :)

Example: What does my dream mean?

Two nights I had a very strange dream that it felt so real, even my heart was pouting so hard.
In my dream I was in an house that I used to live when I was little. I was sleeping with my mom and my two daugters in one bed when all of the sudden my oldest (5) daughter wakes me up and she had a gun in her hand it was a middle size gun I woke up and took it off her hands, I walked to the front door, it was like around 3am. When i opened the door I shoot the gun off to the field when all of he sudden i heard someone clapping when i turned to my right to look it was a lady with blonde hair and a winter long jacket and she stared running towards my house I shot the door very scared and then I woke up!

Example: What does my Dream mean?

The dream starts where I'm walking through nothing but darkness. I come across a cave that i enter, and its soo damn dark i can't even see if there are objects in front of me (i also sometimes flinch as i walk cause i afraid i might bump into something or someone). I walk for the longest time into the cave until finally i stop, with out any cause or reason. I look up and see spider webs. But they're no like real spider webs! There like these little glowing strands of glowing web weaved within another. They even have some dew droplets on them, that are glowing to (the glow being seen is a light blue). It kinda looks like the cave has a window into like the galaxy or something. Then i look down, and i see my arms and legs are covered in frost and im shivering, but im not cold. And sitting at my feet is a white tiger. And (yes i know this is majorly lame but) he talks. He says "Breath." and like fog comes out of his mouth when he says it (like hot breath in the winter). Then i look up and the webs are gone and it starts to snow. I start to spin around under the snow and smile. Then i always end up closing my eyes and take a deep breath in and then...

i wake up.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! I've had that dream for months now! almost a year!

help?! :[

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