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Dream About Witchcraft meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Who know D meaning of this dream?

I am a born again Christian,
for D pass two weeks i´ve been eating in my dreams,which is not good as a Christian.I have put it into prayer but it still happen again yesternight.
Why is that happenly? What should i do to stop it?

depending on your background eating in dreams means there is an existing unbroken evil covenant and the operations of familiar spirits. since u a born again. based on deut 30;15,19, gal 3.13 you can break the covenants.take some days of fasting and break the covenant and nullify the curses.plead the blood of Jesus and the finished work of calvary (2) you may have moved to a new place or someone with a witchcraft spirit stays around you,you wake up tired or with headache,plead and drink by faith d blood of Jesus,put on the full armour of God,b4 sleeping bind and cast out familiar spirits and ask Jesus to send out human evil spirit b4 going to bed
results of eating in dreams can include sickness,delay, been repaid evil 4 goods ,unfruitfulness. decree and declare your rights in christ.if you desires ti know more you can send your mailing address i may send you some tapes and books

Example: Weird dreams. Any meaning.?

Night before last i had a dream that i was 17 && already had a 1 year old (i'm 16 && have no kids.!)
Now last night i had a dream i went to an occult store && stole 2 blue && black pillar candles && walked home && no one was home so i summoned this weird demon. Any kind of meaning to both.? btw i do dabble in witchcraft && demons. No criticism or gtfo.

Example: Meaning of dreams?

no one really close has passed away.
and i do normally sleep with the tv.
and i tried the the you guys gave me and it did not work.
but also in my dream i could feel somone like put the upside down cross on my head and the people in my dream are talking in french, and in all my dreams im holding really tight to somones hand.
and these dreams are starting to freak me out.

Example: Scary dream meaning?

ok so from where i can remember i started out sneaking through someones house and then i heard some people coming so i jumped out the window and listened to them talking they were putting a baby to sleep. It was night time outside so i found some things. An umbrella covering one of those cameras that prints pics automatically the old ones and a gun. So i was looking through the camera in the window of the house i jumped out of and i seen the baby crawling up the wall like a spider. Then it just jumped and flew towards me. I snapped a picture before it reached me and then it landed on me and was all bloody. So i picked it up and threw it then turned around and there were these weird men in scary cloaks who had red eyes. they pointed something at me and it some how made rabbid dogs with red eyes start chasing me... like 100 of them so i ran as fast as i could met up with someone i apparently know who opened up a secret room and told me to hide inside. so i locked the door looked around the room and it looked like the inside of a church the door handle was s cross and the whole room was shaking then i grabbed the picture of the baby the camera took and it was a demon face. then i woke up o_O

Example: What does this dream mean?

dreamed of a very big green snake that seem to be hissing at me in intimidation but then I saw 2 ot 3 "balls" going down its body and I thought it was my baby (but I do not have one) or some babies the snake ate. Then I somehow learned it ate some turtles. Then there were some eggs, really big ones, and the biggest one was hatched but i do not know what developed in the eggs. The snake hissed at me again and I woke up. However, when I went back to sleep that same green snake meet me again in my dreams. In this dream I was not really scared of the snake for myself but for my baby but the crazier part there was never a baby in either dreams. And, I do not have a child. Please help me firgure out what this mean. THANKS! Please only serious answers that make sense. Like what do snakes rep...what do turtles rep...the color green?

Example: What does this reoccuring dream mean?!?

I have had this dream every so often over the years, and I still don't know what it means. It is troubling to me because when I wake up I am all stressed out and sweating. So, here it goes (WARNING: it is long).

Each time I have it, it is a little bit different, but basically I am with my class of students back in high school, but we are at this campsite. It is Halloween time, and adults (some were previous teachers) make us pile into this large cabin. It is sort of a spook-fest that is intended to be similar to a haunted house, but it is just for fun, and everyone moans and groans to have to be a part of it each year. But once we get inside the mood changes.

It is very large inside and old, antiques all over the place. We are asked to jump in this shoot thing that looks like one of those big jumbo blow up things you have for you kids for parties. Anyway, once I slide in, we are all sardined in this tight space and everyone is scared. Then, four people get their name called to read from this kind of "witch bible" to bring spirits to judge us. Most of the time, whenever I have this dream, I am called as one of them.

So we go into a different room to read outloud, but this time I can't find the other readers, they left without me. And I am calling them but they don't answer me. I try to look in the rooms around the house, but none of them open. Then I see them running back into the room we came from, seeing they had already read without me because once you read, the house starts to shake as the spirits are supposed to be coming. I run frantically to the room, because if you don't get in...well I don't exactly know what happens but you don't want to be left behind.

Basically what happens then is there is a numbered list that is then filled out by the names the spirit call out. These names are the people deemed good and free to leave. Anyone not called is never heard of again. This is where I get confused, because this is all something we think is boring and whatever, but people are actually hurt every year, yet no one cares...

So, if that makes any sense, could someone please tell me what is might mean? I have had it at least 5 times over the years, and it is bothering me. Please and thank you for your help!

Example: What do dreams about witchcraft mean?

For the past couple of months I been having dreams someone is doing witchcraft on me. I always end up in my dreams , in a mexican store that sells candles and potions for witchcraft. And there's always a old lady that says she can take it all away. I never let her help me but last night in my dream I let her help me and she some how pulled 2 snakes out of my stomach. What does this mean? If anything

Example: Im constantly dreaming about witchcraft, what does it mean?

Its not always about the books or movies or shows. I do practice witchcraft but the dreams have been in very deep sleeps and feel sort of really real. In the dreams im speaking in languages ive never heard of and one ive had a spirit come to me saying "The spell i just casted hasnt been used in centuries and was even lost to the pyramids"...

Example: Dreams and witchcraft?

okay so i have been having these weird dreams lately and so has my dad and in our dreams we are seeing me as a witch...
i also have been doing some witchcraft but my dad doesnt no thats so how is he having these dreams to...how is this posible does it have anything to do with my recent witchcraft please answer my ?s and email me at marijanelove@yahoo
thank you

Example: What does it mean to have a dream with evil witchcraft and death?

These past few nights I've been having dreams about death and dark witch craft.. I can't wake up till I hear something out of my dream. And while I'm dreaming I know I'm dreaming but I can't wake up. I watch friends or people being killed by evil beings and I try to get away but I can't and my heart beats incredibly fast. What does this mean? And how can I stop it, because I will almost be in tears for how happy that it was a dream or of how scared I was.

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