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Dream About Woke meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean? I woke up crying?

Alright so I dreamed that I was in the kitchen of my g-ma and g-pas's house (used to live there with my mom). My grandma & grandpa were in the breakfast nook listening to me and my mom in the kitchen. I was singing opera, not very well but I I got in my mom's face and was singing. She said to me, "when I was your age..." not sure of the last part but she meant she did something better than me pretty much. I immediately noticed that she had on light green & orange eye shadow-it was my brand new eye shadow that I hadn't even opened yet. I started flipping out, yelling at her for wearing my new eye shadow. She said to me," it was in my dresser," I replied, " we share storage". So then she tried to punch me in the face. I ducked, grabbed her fist and swung back. She said, "No, you take it and feel however you want-ugly or bad" something like that-that's what she meant though. I said, "No, I'm a woman now, you can't hit me or treat me like that-if you hit me or get in my face again I might kill you,''. Then I noticed a white lamp and the paint was all streaky. I took some kind of paint remover and used a small cue-tip maybe, and tried to remove the white paint. Underneath, I saw another layer of chipped paint and the real color of the lamp was brassy.

Then I woke up crying. My mom was physically abusive when I was a kid, I don't speak to her anymore. Though I don't actually want to kill her (that's a bit much) I am very hurt and angry.

So, any ideas as to what this means?

Your dream has a lot of detail with meaning. Because you woke up crying, it mean the dream was very important. Fighting with your mother suggest that you are conflicted about a situation around you. Being in your grand parents house suggest that you have the wisdom to end the conflict. The issue with the eye shadow suggest that in some ways you still look at yourself through your mothers eyes. You also look at the world and life in some ways through her eyes. The dream is also telling you that under it all (brass lamp) you are a strong and amazing person. Take some time to look at yourself objectively. There are perhaps some emotional issues which you can address (white paint on the lamp). You deserve happiness. Use your wisdom to make choices with integrity and you will be happier.

Example: What could my dream mean? I woke up terrified!?

This morning when I woke up I literally gave thanks to the universe my dream was not real! I dream that I had broken my ankle somehow although I do not remember breaking it in the dream and that it was just broken for some reason. I was still running around in the dream ignoring the fact it was broken although my mom kept begging me to go to the hospital. I even chased after someone and tackled them while role playing as a medieval princess in the dream...Which was odd because I love medieval princesses and medieval times. It got so bad that my ankle was covered in bruises and was incredibly swollen and I could not move. I heard them say it would probably have to be amputated and I was terrified and tried to avoid going to the hospital to avoid it being amputated...but eventually I made it to the hospital and I tried to run away...That was the end of it.

Example: What does my dream mean? woke up with pain ?

I dreamed that I was in my car at night. I was parked then all of the sudden a automobile that looked like a towing truck or ambulance truck drove by me then it collopsed on my auto. I felt pain in my chest in the dream and I was going to call for help but I couldnt get my cell phone because I couldnt move my hands. Then I woke up and notice pain on my back of my neck and right side of my shoulder. What does thd dream mean? Thank you.

Example: What does this dream mean?!?!? Repetitive dream? Always wake up at the same time?

Okay, so I've been dreaming for a while the same thing. I'm at a park full of benches and picnic tables, and it's a grassy area. There's a platform that rises up, and it's made of concrete, with a ramp that winds up around and to the top of it. Then there's a deck that goes off about forty feet with a bunch of benches. I was standing at the top of the platform, looking down at all the people. I saw my friend Hunter, who saw me and pointed over at my ex (We'll call him Rob, and I miss him very much), who was walking around like he was looking for something (or someone) he was talking to random people. He looked right at me, but didn't see me. He was wearing a flannel unbuttoned, and the shirt under was also unbuttoned. Then he started walking up the ramp. I walked around the edge of the building once, then saw him sitting at a bench, alone, now wearing a green mountain dew shirt. I sat down on the edge of the bench beside him. He looked at me, and I gestured for him to scoot over. He moved way down to the end of the bench, so I put my legs up on the bench. I was randomly wearing a black knee skirt and fur boots. I looked at him.
"It's funny," he said, "My medication wears off at four o'clock now." (he doesn't take meds! and I knew he was talking about anti-depressants!)
"Mine never worked in the first place," I said back. "I miss you."
"I miss you too," he said. His face was in front of mine. "I need you."
I put my hand on the back of his neck. "I need you too, I cry myself to sleep every night thinking about you."
And then I woke up.

Example: What does my dream mean? I woke up crying...?

I had this really bad dream. I was taken into this room where a lot of dead people were lying around because they were drowned. Then when I was going to be next, someone found us and saved everyone who hadn't been drowned yet.

I woke up but then I fell back asleep, and the girl who was going to drown us came back to finish the job. I hit her in the face with a crowbar and started running with my friend. But then the girl must have had a partner and he grabbed my friend but I kept running, and i could hear my friend screaming. Somehow I knew she had been stabbed to death. I just kept running and then i guess it changed to a different scene?

So then I realized they had found my mom, and I found the woman again and kept asking where my mom was. I just asked and asked and asked and somehow if a random girl walked off the bus with a fishing pole, it meant my mom was dead. I forgot what the other thing would be if she was still alive. Well the girl walked off with the fishing pole, and I started screaming/crying and fell to the ground. I ran back to my house while crying, and saw a man walking near my house. For a few seconds I thought it was my mom disguised and ran up and said MOM?! and i cried and hugged him. But then he said sorry I'm not your mom, and it turned out to be a neighbor. I then woke up crying but I want to know what my dream meant...

Sorry it's so long and thanks for helping, I really want to know if it means anything bad.

Example: What does this dream mean woke up crying?

I had a dream last night that me and my boyfriend got into a really big fight it became really physical and I threw this glass mug at him he grabbed my arm and stabbed me in my hand. Next thing I know I wake up crying so hard and hyperventilating. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean? I woke up crying?

Hi. I had a really scary nightmare, here it is::
So I was in my school at night with my friends, family, and this guy im in love with. Then random pictures of people being killed and getting their heads bitten off appeared in the doorway. Everyone didnt seem to notice, but I did, so I ran as fast as I could down the hallway and opened a door. There was a creature with no head running to the door... so I slammed it shut and ran downstairs to the door leading outside. When I ran outside, in my hand appeared a butterfly knife and i was running with it. Then something caught my hand... it was a teacher... he said that I couldnt leave or I'd get killed... So I went back inside and saw that everyone was playing the game Spit. I went to join my love, when suddenly, he took out a red pastel that you draw with on your skin and started coloring on a guy next to me. The guy screamed in pain and my love kept doing it... then all of a sudden he jerked and screamed, then fell back against the wall. When he got up again, I ran and hugged him, crying hard, and he said he was confused but that he didnt care. Then he hugged me back and stroked my hair. Then, when everyone met in the hallway, you could see and hear people being punched. I grabbed my love and I woke up crying... What does this all mean? Please dont say the school is haunted or that im being pranked...

Example: What does a waking dream mean?

You are dreaming and at some point of the dream you wake up. If I had not woke up something bad was going to happen. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of waking up with a live fish next to my head?

Not long ago, I dreamed that I woke up and I was trying to hold off this bass-looking fish that was trying to lick or move over my throat. I don't like the feeling of a dog licking my throat. I just have this kinda fear that they're going to choke me or something that way. So it would make sense if I was trying to hold off a slimy fish.

Is there any meaning to this or was it just another one of those weird, meaningless dreams?

Example: Oh my what do you think this dream means woke up crying because?

I dreamt i was bleeding really heavy and was in a hosiptal i was saying im miscarrying aren't i? and the nurse was saying no it just a period some women get this and i said i never had one on the months before? and then i was waiting in the waiting room for a scan and the people in there were so weird looking and i felt really scared. It was a really scary vivid dream i am almost 9 weeks do you think this means anything? thanks for your answers x

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