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Dream About Wood Sculptor meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

It's a little weird and i have had this dream for 2 nights now:

I'm in England and mum, my sister and me are going to one of my mum's friends house. However it suddenly goes into spain and there is a little boy called Tom ( like 7 years old)who can only speak a bit of English. The mother and the older sister can speak fluently but the older sister has a cold so she cannot speak English. I start speaking simple English to Tom and he understands but my younger sister cannot (she is 11). An hour later or something like that Tom's girl friends come home ( they are like my age) and we decided to go for a walk in the woods. My sister decided not to come ( even though she keeps appearing and disappearing all the time). We got like half way their and we decided to make clay models. Mine look like a ball with eyes or something like that. We then watched a video in the woods like from the 1970s or something advertising a garden centre / car wash when a room filled with art work appears. The presenter says something weird like " This is what will happen if you don't come" but he doesn't say any more. By that time i had a face of an alien that was brown with red eyes in my hands. Then the man on the tv says something then he pulls a clay figure from the back of this shelf and says " recognise this? this is your future clay sculptor" and it was my future clay thing i was created. I was really confused and scared so i started screaming and then he pulls 3 others out which were my friends ones. Then i looked in my hand and there, on the floor, was my future clay thing. It was really scary.

What could this mean?

p.s. its not scary now but at the time i was freaking out.

I'm not sure?, i think you should watch the film "In the mouth of madness" by john carpenter and see how you are after that.

Example: Is multimedia arts the same with digital arts?

is digital arts the same with multimedia arts?
ever since i've started watched and collect scorsese's movies last summer, i wanted to be a director--or be in the film industry, at least. but here in the philippines, there isnt any courses available to be a director(i can't find film school here). not while i'm in the fourth and last year of my high school, i've started to live up to my dreams as a director. i've made a couple of movies--alot of which are documentaries for projects. then one day, when my classm8 whom i may add as very intelligent watched and enjoyed what i made(it was the first time they saw that there is something VERY special about me), cause i've never excelled in academics and sports, but i was always noisy. My classmate told me i should be a director, but i told him there are very few film school here. then she said Multimedia arts. she told me that it's editing & directing in some point. so when i've passed here in 1 of the top 10 school in philippines, i've picked digital arts cause the school said its d same

Example: Read my paper? Give advice?

This is do TMRW! I want a good grade as I can get. Can you proofread and comment on whether or not it is good. I like it but I would like a second option. It is for my humanities class. Thank you! >_<

It Started with a Chair

Albert Camus said that “All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning.” The quote reminded me of a time when I was seven years old and decided that I could sit on a Barbie doll chair. It was small, pink, and could easily fit in the palm of my hand. I don’t know what went though my mind that day or why I thought I could sit on the chair. The chair looked so inviting to sit on. However, staying on it long enough to test it comfortably was harder than I thought - I hit the floor in seconds. But I tried something that should have been impossible to someone my age, and after that I snuck into the barn and tried to build a chair, one that I could sit in. And a year later I had built a chair, a wobbly, crooked chair but still a chair. I no longer have that chair but I still have the incessant urge to build, draw, and discover things that seem to be out of my reach.

Up until that point I was a relatively normal child, it wasn’t until after the chair incident that I was considered peculiar or eccentric. I would find the biggest word I could in the dictionary and use it every day for a week. My dad told me that if I didn’t come when he called that I could be found with my nose in a book or sketching on the old hunting stand that stood in the woods behind our house. I was completely oblivious to the world, he could yell in my ear and I still wouldn’t move.

I recently visited my old neighborhood about a year ago. The woods that had fascinated me, the place where I had found the old hunting stand, and where I played with trolls and fairies, had suddenly grown small in my absence. But then I found the box I had buried full of treasure. When I opened it I found three things, a battered old copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, a sketch of my “friends” (the trolls and fairies), and a letter I wrote to future me. I laughed and stuck it back in the ground. I was surprised that something that I had buried seven years ago was still there. The letter wasn’t about anything important, but one thing stuck in my mind. “Have you won any super cool awards yet? The putzer prize thing?” the past me asked. I think I meant Pulitzer Prize, which my dad had told me I could win someday. I had completely forgotten about that dream, I had so many.

Dreams are like the paints of an artist and the entire universe is yours to paint whatever way you like. Leaving something behind in the way you paint the world. Everyone wants something of themselves to be left behind when the die. Painter paint, poets write, and sculptors sculpt. I want to leave my footprints behind in the sands of time, to be fossilized in history so that the future will know Sarah Ashley Elkins.

I have always been creative, my imagination running amuck. Maybe because I was a tom-boy and my sister was a girly girl. My dad worked all the time and we didn’t live near any kids my age. My imagination ran unhindered through the woods that were my childhood. Even then I was strong-willed and headstrong, always having my own options. I struggled, at first, in a world full of clones. John Mason once said that “You were born an original. Don't die a copy.” All around me I see people trying so hard to be different or exactly alike that there all merge together. I still don’t understand why they feel the need. I have always been me, a banana in a world of apples and oranges. At first we all are our own kind of “fruit”. But we are taught that there is only one way to do things. I went through school watching the kids around me lose their sense of creativity. If you acted different then you were weird. I actually didn’t mind, I liked the way I was living. I was creative.

Creativity to me is the essence of the human mind. It is the very core of my being. Without it I would be lost in the labyrinth of life. It is my string that connects me too the end. Sometimes the string is tangled but it is always there. I don’t know where it will lead me but I trust it to guide me. Humans have to believe they can do something they cannot because human's greatest strength lies in their greatest doubt. Through the conversion of those two simple words (strength and doubt), plans can become practices, thoughts can become things - nothing can become something. And the panacea to doubt has only one ingredient: creativity.

THANK YOU! PLEASE RATE HONESTLY! (No fake answers please.)

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