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Dream About Worms meanings

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Example: What does it mean to dream of fish and worms?

I had a dream about a fish in water i seen it kept swimming to the top for air so i got a bottle of water poured it in a fish bowl and when i looked at the water in the bowl worms were swimming around the top so as i went to dump it i looked at the fish and it had turned clear with a little orange circle left on the body and it died. Can anyone bring any meaning to this dr eam?

Water is the symbol of emotions; fish can symbolize abundance and prosperity; here, the fish might also symbolize you feeling like you are swimming alone. Worms can symbolize things that are bothering you or getting under your skin.

Example: What does a white worm dream mean?

My mom had a dream that her leg was covered in white worms (silkworms) and she was just taking them off but shaving it with her hand and there was one that she pulled out of her skin her knee that when she pulled it didn't leave a scar and it didn't hurt. What does this mean? i read that it means there's stress and need to take a stand for yourself but i didn't find anything else.

Example: What does it mean to dream of worms crawling out of stomach?

I had a dream that different sizes of worms, some looked like earthworms, some were pink and one looked like a tongue, were crawling out of my stomach and no one would help me. I was looking for my boyfriend and my mother was too busy trying to take care of my sisters baby.

Example: What do maggots and worms in a dream mean?

I had a dream the night before last that i had maggots crawling in and out of a wound on my pinky (That is there in the real world, but without the maggots). Then i had a dream last night that big earth worms (night crawlers really) were digging into the skin under my bottom lip. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! I haven't seem either in real life reccently so it can't just be a memmory from the day.

Example: What does it means when you dream about worms,maggots,snakes things that wiggles all the time?

I m always dreaming about things like that and I ask a couple of people but nobody really knows is really scary. I dream maggots falling on me from a book shelve. Another dream I was walking and as I walk the road started to turn into a muddy path and I was walking through a whole bunch of snakes but they did'nt bite me or nothing,they were staring at me as I walk by.And I had one about worms but I can't remenber that one.I also dream about numbers everyday. what does it means? any dreams interpreter out there.please help me. thank you guys.

Example: What does it mean to dream worms?

Example: What does it mean to dream about worms?

I dreamed that worms were crawling in and out of my hands. They were carrying leaves and other things back through the wholes of the back of my hands. It was hurting me and I tried to pick them out but there were more that kept appearing. Help Me with this one please.

Example: What does my dream mean? *Dream about eating worms...* yuck!?

Alright so I don't remember why I was eating the worms but I just was. I was eating and eating and it didn't seem like I liked it. (no duh) but at the last bite or two I think the worms starting moving. I got grossed out and started to bite the rest off. ( i dont know why i didn't just spit it all out.) So after I bit off the rest the worm parts they fell to the floor and were still moving below my feet. and thats all I remember... Oh! and i think my mom was there too.. Dunno if this helps but i am a female

Example: What does it mean to dream about worms?

I always have dreams about a lot of worms on the ground and when i wake up, i always think worms are all over my bed. ): What does that mean?

Example: Dream meaning: Worms?

I had a creepy dream of worms last night. It wasnt graphic or anything but I need help discerning it. I think the whole dream needs to be read for better help, it's not very long.

I was standing somewhere, in a building, I'm not sure which. I was looking at my left hand, bent and open as if holding something. In my right hand I had some long sharp tweezers. I used them to take off a piece of skin on my middle finger. I didn't bleed or anything, but as soon as I did, I saw a skinny pink/reddish worm. It was moving about, and it was gross.
I freaked out and said to my sister, "dude! Look!" And I showed her my hand.
Then she replied "oh! I hate it when that happens!"

That didnt make it any better, it made me think she's had that too.

It was very disturbing, like the work had mad a tunnel in my finger and I felt that it ran through my whole left arm, possibly into my mid torso. I wanted to pull it out but I did t want to touch it with my fingers, and I didn't want to accidentally cut the work and have it rip and stuff inside me. ;(

I need an interpretation, I searched some myself and read something about sexual meaning.
Anyways, help please.

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