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Dream About Writer meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: B&A Writers: Does your main character believe dreams foreshadow their future/have a deeper meaning?

Why, or why don't, they believe in dreams?

Actually, it's kind of funny. When I put dreams in my books, usually the characters don't give them much thought. They pretty much think they're dreams, because that's what most people think of dreams in real life. But, when I write the dreams, they ALWAYS mean something.

Mostly the dreams are memories, and usually bad ones. Really bad ones. Like, watching a fellow soldier stab your wife with a sword and try to chop off your baby's head kind of bad. What's important is usually when and why the dreams change.

So, while my characters might not know or care why they dream, they always dream for a reason.

Example: What does this dream mean?

This dream is kind of weird but I just know it has a meaning and I've been wondering all day. First I was hiding under my friend's (Chance's) bed and it was flooded so I came out and he made get on his bed and laid an egg on me. Then he told me to fertilize it or he would kill me and I told him I didn't have any sperm and he put a gun to my face so I ran away to get sperm. I went to a rooster and he told me he was all out and I would have to go to a sperm bank. So I went to a sperm bank and I saw two more of my friends, Miguel and Dillan, in the waiting room. Dillan asked me what I was doing here and Miguel's pants flew off and hit me in the face then his underwear came off and he was sitting there reading a magazine like he didn't even notice. Then I found out it was against the law to go into a sperm bank with an egg. So then I dropped the egg and I went to a cookie store to get a cookie. Then I saw Chance eating a cookie and he spanked me for dropping his egg and I woke up.

Example: Is there a meaning to this dream?

In my dream ,I was a bear(female) with a husband and son(we were all bears). We were traveling and came across a village(all human). The main source of money was cinnamon rolls. The village grew the ingredients for cinnamon rolls but the ingredients were scarce and only the king knew how to make cinnamon rolls the right way.But then I came along, and I knew how to make cinnamon rolls, but no one believed me so I had a showdown with the the king. The people of the village didnt like this because this involved using the ingredients. To make the cinnamon rolls i made this paper-like dough and wrapped it around my hand. After a few minutes I took it of my hand and put it in the sink where it turned into a sponge and it would take 6 months to turn into a cinnamon roll. If my cinnamon roll turned out better than the kings cinnamon roll then I would have to become the new ruler of the village and the kings advisor(a short man/rabbit) didnt like that. So he turned the village against me and said that I was a phony who couldnt make cinnamon rolls and had wasted their supplies and they all came at me with guns. The king was in love with me, so he helped me survive while the villagers shot at me, but if I was shot 11 times I would die. After 5 months and the villagers were still shooting at me, I had been shot 10 times and started dying. While I died I said, "Dont destroy the cinnamon roll. Wait for it to bloom then eat it." As soon as I died(probaly from blood loss) the sponge turned into a cinnamon roll, and everyone ate it and it was the greatest cinnamon roll in history.

Example: What does this dream mean?

there was a guy with an ice-cream body. he wanted to enter a bicycle throwing contest. to get there he had to swim across the pacific ocean with a type writer tied to his fingers and was being chased by tiny mako sharks wearing knapsacks. then he started playing catch with his moose.

what does this dream mean?

Example: What would this dream mean?

In a dream I lived in a house in the middle ofthe woods. Someone left some kittens on my doorstep. Some of them were baddley cover in mange, but I took them in anyway. An extict giant red fox with a grey undercoat came to my doorstep I started to pet it and it startled and ran off into the forest. I followed it into the woods and there were a pack of other giant red foxes that were not so friendly. They chased me through the woods up a sign and the Giant red fox with the grey coat chased the others away.I climbed down from the sign and the creature scampered off again. That's just the first part.

Example: Dreams of being a Writer?

Basically, I am a Filipino. I plan on being a writer someday and now I'm too scared to do it. I don't know any Filipino who had luck of being a Fiction Writer. Our country is full of textbooks and cheap tagalog pocket books. Also, I don't want to be like Bob Ong.

Example: What does it mean to dream big? ?

Actors, singers, dancer, photographers, models, writers, and athletes always get praised for "dreaming big". I do know what this means, but is it possible to dream big beyond the arts and pro sport world? If so, do you have any examples?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream when I was 13 im 14 now but often I think about it before I go to sleep

The dream was: I was inside a video game and the game was boys Vs. girls and the key to winning was be the last one standing and we were all throwing knifes at eachother ( kinda like the Hunger Games But this was way before that came out ) I didnt die in the dream but i was the last girl against like 7 boys and right before I could of died it went to me outside of the game trying to shut the system off but it just wouldnt go off and I began to panic while i saw people from the game trying to get through the screen and The Finally I woke up panting

Example: What does this dream mean?

I know people are gonna start to say man what drugs are you taking. I'm just interested in what this dream mean. ok it may be mixed up and random though.

I'm livin in the future and ended up in the hospital where mom works, and somehow i ended up in my living but their are three people there too. One who is a pedophile, and i guess a protecter or a nanny for me?, and a robot. Suddenly we cant escape the room, but they just start painting this living room but like each of them color the walls different colors(btw my house has been under construction since forever, and it just needs to be painted). The pedo chases my nannny into the video cabinet which turns into a tunnel way into another world. Im hiding under the couch, but i soon follow them. I meet a group of peple who are also stranded on this island im on. A sciencetist says we can turn into dogs and esacpe. The next day he leaves us in dog form but leaves the magical stuff. We all turn into dogs and just kinda wait, i call one dog marie antoinette and one dog is my protecter, one dog is the presidents dog bo. The president family comes, and the obama understands his dog is about to leave. HE takes the pillow Bo is laying down on, removes it from its pillow cover, and reads the words o the pillow. It was like a memorial kind of thing like " Bo born on blah blah, the president's dog". After that Bo and the dogs leave, and someone is saying soooorrrrrryyyyyy, and the family is fading away in the foggy beach

well thats it sorry its long

Example: Do these dreams mean something?

I constantly have 'epic' dreams about grand adventures,horror and sci-fi and by morning I have a full blown story in my head that I feel compelled to write as books,
Is this my mind suggesting me to write stories or be a Writer or something

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