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Dream Examples

Example: Meaning of my dream? .?

Last night I had a dream of a fire in my garden. My family and I were outside the front sitting down talking and friends of the family were over too. There must've been a little fire burning earlier or something and we'd ignored it because as I looked round the side gate my garden was on fire so I called my father and said look how big the fire got :O. And we ignored it, soon the entire garden was filled with a lava looking fire. For some reason I threw a bucket of water and the whole fire went away and left us with a burnt garden then it came back twice as faster. I woke up then and could not get back off to sleep. Does my dream mean anything? I know it's quite vague but you know in dream you don't realise how you get to different places and what really happens. Please help I'm worried x

From what you are describing, your dream could mean several things. Dreams are basically how your subconscious mind deals with information that it has stored. So it's important to pay attention to your dreams because your subconscious could be trying to tell you something. It's good that you are trying to figure out what your dream means and I hope I can help.

Usually, but not always, when someone dreams about fire, it can represent a life changing event or transformation. Maybe you are going to a new school, or you are anxious about school, or you just got a new job, etc. Fire can represent fear of any given event in your life that is important. The fact that you think you knew the fire was there already, and you tried to put it out but then it came back, probably means that you are not sure how to handle your anxiety about a situation in your life. This could be what your dream means. If it's not, then that is okay too because there could be other meanings.

Fire also represents built up emotions. The fact that you and your family knew there was a fire but didn't do anything at first, could possibly mean that you feel like people don't care a lot about how you feel. Again, your dream doesn't necessarily have to mean this. It can be anything that caused your dream.

In a dream, a garden usually represents something that is important. Something that you hold value to. Perhaps it is a secret, a favorite book, a friendship, etc. The garden being burnt could represent fear that what you love will be taken away. It could represent confusion about something you love. Also, it might mean that you are questioning your faith to someone or something.

These are some of the possibilities of what your dream could mean. Don't be worried about it. Sometimes our dreams mean absolutely nothing. Sometimes our dreams could just be a result of what went on that day. For example, maybe you were out in a garden, or saw fire, or saw friends and family that day and as a result you dream about it. Unless you keep having the same dream, don't get too stressed over it. I hope what I said helped you! good luck =]

Example: What do dreams mean?

if you have a dream about something what does it mean
like do they have some meaning to them
i was just wondering x

Example: What do dreams mean?!?

i always wonder what they mean!
are dreams a sign to life or what?!

Example: What does it mean to dream of someone?

what does it mean to dream this?

I was on a table - with my ex sitting next to me in the chair next to me. We didn't talk to one another (and we don't in real life) but I got the feeling we were both aware of one another's presence. But of all the available seats around the table he was sat right next to me!

And he said something I agreed with to some other girl - it was a debate. His voice sounded VERY REAL - very strange. I then added a sentence to bolster his argument. And we sat in silence not looking at one another but aware of one another.

What does this mean?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Yesterday night i remember i had a dream that my dad died, idk how? In my dream i was in school and then my dad died and my grandma grandpa and someone else were in the principle's office and i was in tears? which is weird because me and my dad dont get along at all. we had a rough pass like he was hitting me and stuff. and i woke up with tears in my eyes.
Last night i had a dream that i shot someone and the bullet went through his body and shot someone behind him in the head. so it wass like a 2 in 1 shot. then people were shooting at me and i ran away and woke up. What do these dreams mean? and why am i dreaming this. Thanks for your answers in advance. x

Example: What does this mean? my dream about.?

I dreamth i was going back to college after the holidays...and it was a new building as it suppose to be in real life. Walking to go to my class, a man in a hat with a baby in his hand grabbed me and pushed me to walk in front of him through two hallways and then suddenly upstairs where i saw a bunch of students-most wearing black for some weird reason. They were around a hugge meeting table with a couple of teachers. And the man shoved me in a seat..i was shocked and didnt know what to say..sometimes the baby in his arms disappear. He sat beside me and started complaining to the teachers that i was pushing infront of him as if i was in a rush to go to class.-Which was a obvious lie. So the teachers tell him to sign a thing and i was denying it but they didnt believe me. This african girl comforted him by saying its okay and i tried to follow her because i thouht that if you comfort a suspect, you'll soften his heart so he can change his mind about getting me into trouble.But he responded to her and not me.Which is weird. So he signed a paper and continued complaining. The rest of the students complain that what they did wrong was anything much and so on and same goes for me. except what they did wrong was done purposely by him unlike me who was forced into such position. After loooong hours of complaining and missing my lessons...a teacher finally agreed with me and thought i was actually innocent. He was in glasses and he was like " Its not you...its okay" so i starred at him and got up and finally felt good to be free again. The suspect didnt like the idea but somehow he just disappeared. Plus he didnt look like a student but a a adult and a dad at the same time. What is he doing here in college? and those this dream have any special meaning?

Another dream was when i was outside my house and i thought that life was my real life and i saw the moon getting hugeeee! and it was bright and then suddenly it became a calligram- words shape into the shape of the drawing. And i was trying to read iit-i only read "you..." lol i coudnt understand the other words as it was soo messed up. Then i was like "thats what i've been telling you guys..its a sign!"


Example: Dream meaning of a loved onE having their eyes X'd out..?

Does anyone know the meaning of a loved one on a picture having their eyes crossed out, like an X for eyes, with a pen? The loved one with his eyes crosses out is my dad, and my dad passed away in '99. Pretty upset about it because I loved my dad.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night, or more of a nightmare, I'd say! It started off okay! I can't remember exackly what happened. I was fired from my job about 2 weeks ago, and I had a dream I was sitting on my checkout, then my best friend Josh was suddenly working there too (only in my dream) He shouted something horrible and I turneed around and said "Did you say that to me" and he started laughing at me. Then I walked up to him & said "why did you say that" and a girl next to him laughed so I started punching her in the face, then my boss came up to me and was like what The hell! I started screaming and crying and had a nervous breakdown and ran out! The I woke up and went back to sleep. I had another nightmare after that. I was walking across a road with a baby girl, who was my friends child, she was really heavy and I could barely carry her, and I was pushing her buggy and all this other stuff, I couldnt do it anymore. Then I got on the bus with my best friend and these girls that we have both fallen out with. Then me & my best friend fell out and were really nasty to eachother. So I ran off the bus and started crying and screaming, I was walking through a woods and i fell to my knees, In my dream I couldnt stop screaming or crying, I got a bit of glass and tried to slit my left wrist. Then a woman who was jogging stopped and sat next to me and was saying "are you okay?" and talking to me saying this is not the answer. The my best friend, the one I argued with, came out and was saying "Hollie! whats wrong!" and I woke up. It really freaked me out and was horrible! why did I dream this? x

Example: S.e.x dreams? What does it mean?

Im 15 and a virgin by choice, but i keep having this dream where me and this guy i never met and dont know the name of, try to find a place in my yard to 'do it' and never do?

Example: Meaning of s e x in a dream?

i had a dream last night that i had s e x with a guy that i don't like, but he wants me. i don't remember much from the dream, but every time i saw him we would do it. it made no sense!

what does this mean?

i think dreams do have a meaning to our lives, so if anyone thinks otherwise and wants to comment "it means nothing, dreams are nothing", don't waste your time.

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