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Dream About Young Woman meanings

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Example: Dream Meaning?

I had the most bizarre dream last night. There was a young woman with dark, long hair who was in a room alone with me. (I was scared of her). This lady came up to me and mentioned my lungs. (It seemed as if I owed her something, but I am not sure). She said something about a “chip” in one of my lungs that she needed to take. I agreed. She sort of breathed onto or sucked air from me (to take it). I realized that this “chip” was something that I needed. Then, I remember thinking it was too late and woke up. At some point in the dream, I remember seeing the “chip”. (Chip is the word that was used in the dream). The chip was just a white spot in my lung like you would see in an X-Ray. Does anyone have any insight into the meaning of this?

Dreams are from our subconscious mind- this means that only our subconscious mind can make sense of them. People can submit all kinds of ideas and opinions about what it means, but in all honesty we're not supposed to remember our dreams. On occasion we do recall parts of a dream but nobody can ever recall an entire dream - only the parts that can makes sense to our conscious mind.
The two sides of our brain (conscious and subconscious) don't really communicate as you and I do, so this dream could have likely been the culmination of an attractive woman you saw at a scary movie and a fear of lung cancer because you smoke.
I don't know if that's anything possibly true, but it's nothing more than a dream and should be treated as such.
Now if you were having recurring dreams that were traumatic I'd suggest taking stock of them.
It's human nature to try and assign logic and reason to everything, but in this case I'd have to say you just had a strange dream.

Example: Who Is The Young Woman In My Dream?

I had a very vivid dream that seemed so real to me that it was almost as if I were awake. I've only had the dream one time, as if it were a vision. Can anyone help me interpret this dream? I'd deeply appreciate it.

1. In the dream I was unable to stand up on my own two feet. I don't know why. Maybe I was crippled or was using crutches. I was not wheelchair bound. But I could not stand without someone to support me. (In real life I am not physically disabled. But I am visually impaired. Does this indicate needing help?)

2. The only other person in the dream was a faceless young woman. I could only see a bright light where her face should have been. Her "face" was surrounded by thick tresses of shoulder-length brunette hair. She was wearing a burgundy pullover sweater.

I have no clue who she is. She bears no resemblance to any female I have ever known before, not a friend or loved one.

Her presence was overwhelmingly benign, almost saintly. She seemed to be a nurse of some kind. I was overwhelmed with a soft feminine aura, as if she truly loved me and cared for me. I had the overriding impression she was some kind of an angel--maybe God Himself. Totally loving, benevolent, filling me with hope and peace and courage.

She was so gentle and tender. Both arms were wrapped snugly but gently around me so I would not fall down. Somehow I loved and trusted her. Her kindness and sweetness were palpable. I could not have stood up at all without her. WHO IS THIS INCREDIBLE ANGEL-WOMAN?

It was so touching, so beautiful, so loving that when I awoke I wa crying from the sheer power of her presence and love. I felt so hurt that she was gone.

I am single, never married, at 52. She seemed to be between 25 and 30. I am convinced this is an image from my future. Is she a future friend? Doctor or nurse? Angel? God? A future girlfriend or wife?

Will my health fail or will I need her help to get around? Or are these just the lonely yearnings of a single man manifesting themselves in a dream? I don't know the girl but she was so real and loving!

The dream was too powerful to be a random fluke. What does it all mean? And who is she?

Someone please interpret. Thank you so very much!

Example: What do these dreams mean? Dreampt by a pregnant woman.?

My mom dreampt this when her oldest child(my sister) was in her belly : She told me that there were three, bright white horses at the porch of a country house. She said that she adored them a lot in the dream. But the three horses flew away. BTW, the horses didn't have any wings. She wanted them, but they just flew away.

My mom dreampt this when my older brother was in her belly : She said that she was in a room of a house a long time ago, when she and my dad first lived in after marriage. And the room was the size of a living room. There were two, overly old snaked. she said that they were HUGE AND THICK! And one was on the right and the other was on the left of the room. And they stared at my mom. and between them, there was my mom's oldest daughter. When the baby girl was a baby. so she was so frightened. The huge snakes, one was dark black, and the other one was bright white. And they both had bright eyes as flour, because they were both so old. my mom took the baby(my older sis) from between them and left the room really frightened.

When i(her youngest daughter) was in her belly, this is what she dreampt : She was in a room of her childhood home. There was a bright, green snake which wasn't really big at all. pretty small, just regular. But the snake was really kinda dark, bright green snake on a blanket that was layed on the floor of the room. She was so scared, because DUHH. there was a snake right there in the home. My mom was scared, so she ran away. the snake followed her into the porch when she was like "go away!" and stuff. The green snake was always sticking it's tongue out. like... ALWAYS! and she was so frightened.

Okay, that's it. The three dreams, that actually mean something describing me, my older bro, and my older sis. So what do these dreams mean?

Example: Spices dream meaning?

The dream interpretation Spice and dream meaning of the Spice

To dream of spice, foretells you will probably damage your own reputation in search of pleasure.

For a young woman to dream of eating spice, is an omen of deceitful appearances winning her confidence.

What does it mean?

Example: Hostage dream meaning?

I had a dream that I was being held hostage by this man. I was locked in this house and then he left me there so I called my fiance and said hurry. My fiance came and broke down the windows and got me out. We drove off really fast to my house. My mom was having a party so we told them what had happened and that the guy was after me, so my mom said lets go to her work which was 2 hours away. So we packed the 30 people into a bunch of cars and drove to my moms work. Then I woke up.

What could that mean?

Example: Recurring dreams of a faceless woman, pregnant with twins... What does this mean?

I keep having this recurring dream of a young woman, possibly older teenage woman who has long, wild, curly hair. From the back of her, she is me. But when she turns around, she is faceless. She has very womanly features and she is pregnant with twins. I don't know how I figured out that she was pregnant with twins, but when I look at her I know. I don't know for sure, right now if I am pregnant, in real life or not. But I had started having these dreams before I was sexually active. What does it mean? Who is she? Is she me? Can I talk to her? What's the importance of looking like me, while having no face? what's the importance of the twin pregnancy? help?

Example: What does it mean: in my dream, i met a young woman with vertical pupils?

im actually single and im looking for a relationship when im awake.last night when i was too sad and alone, i saw a dream which i meet a woman with vertical pupils in the street.i looked at her very wondering and she began to smile on me.i get close to her and i felt i can approach her.do you think something is going to happen?

Example: What does it mean to constantly have dreams about having young children?

lately almost all my dreams involve myself having a young son, if the child isn't mine then after some strange circumstances i become the guardian. its strange because i never got on with children but in my dream i do love the child very strongly and very protective of it

Example: What does this dream mean: saw a young man of about 24 years old with full grey hair like that of a man of 70.

I needed a house keeper to help me with my house and little baby boy of about 10 months, I searched for a female nanny but couldnt find one. So finally what I got was a 22 years old young man. I and my husband prayed about him and we both had the same dream of seeing a young man with grey hair like an old man. You know like young face, young body but grey hair.

Example: What does dream about a pregnant woman means?

I had a dream which a woman was pregnant, n I was touching her belly n the bby was moving... N the woman in my dreams was my mother in law...She is 62 yrs old...
> I've been trying to get pregnant for about a yr 1/2 already n nothing... I am very irregular.. bt for the past 4 or 5 months my pd has been very regular... N now I have 3 days late! Does this dream means really something, or this that my head is making up all this Desires of being pregnant or Idk... Plzzz I need help?

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