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To dream that you are looking through a pair of binoculars suggests that you need to take a long and close look at a situation. You need to carefully evaluate your choices and decision.

To dream of binoculars represents your interest in the future. Looking ahead or being very concerned about what might happen.

Example: A man dreamed of having binoculars coming out of his shoes. In real life he was totally preoccupied with the prospect of a future job and it's effect on his life. He couldn't stop thinking about everything that might happen in the future if he got the job.

In a dream, binoculars represents a notable person or the person who is looking through them. Looking with binoculars from a distance in a dream means victory over one’s adversary, attainment of one’s goals, rising in rank, spying, or happiness. If a merchant looks through binoculars in a dream, it means sovereignty, prosperity, presiding over his fellow merchants and gaining power.

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