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911 September 11th


The appearance of this number in your dream, symbolizes an emergency. You need not be afraid to ask for help. There is an important lesson to be learned from in your dream.

To dream that you call 911 and no one answers or that you are put on hold suggests that you are being taken for granted by some authority figure in your life. Alternatively, the dream is like a wake up call where something you didn't think was important or urgent actually requires your immediate attention.

The number 911 in a dream represents feelings of emergency, life crisis, or an unpleasant challenge. Something you may be desperate to escape.

If you call 911 in a dream it reflects something in your life that you really want to go away. You can't stand something. A person or a problem that really bothers you or threatens you. Confidence, status, or power may be at risk.

If you call 911 in a dream and nobody will help you, this reflects a feeling of helplessness to get rid of a problem or threat.

Example: A young man dreamed of calling 911 to escape a serial killer. In waking life he felt unable to get away from a friend that was slowly becoming arrogant about being better then him. 911 reflected his desperation to find a way to outdo his arrogant friend or to find a way to have more power than him.

September 11th

To dream of the September 11th disaster may reflect waking life experiences that feel terrible witnessing a loss of free spirit. Feeling that something negative has permanently made you insecure or anxious. Feeling that an event has caused you to never get to enjoy your freedom again.

Alternatively, dreaming of September 11th may reflect disbelief or shock that someone is intentionally trying to permanently ruin a good thing. Facing the harsh reality that having success and freedom are far more difficult than you thought. Feeling that someone is more crazy and dangerous than you believed.

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