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To see chocolate in your dream signifies love, celebration and self-reward. It also suggests that you may be indulging in too many excesses and need to practice some restraint.

To eat chocolate in your dream indicates that you are embracing your own sensuality.

To dream of chocolate represents self-reward and treating yourself. This can anything you do to enjoy yourself from taking a vacation to romantic thoughts in private.

Example: A man dreamed of ordering slices of chocolate cake. In waking life he was planning a vacation for himself.

Dreaming of chocolate, denotes you will provide abundantly for those who are dependent on you. To see chocolate candy, indicates agreeable companions and employments. If sour, illness or other disappointments will follow. To drink chocolate, foretells you will prosper after a short period of unfavorable reverses.

Chocolate Milk

To see or drink chocolate milk in your dream means that you are feeling good about life.

To dream of chocolate milk represents a high degree of enjoyment of life. Enjoying being strong. Loving to fix a problem that you couldn't fix before or liking getting back at someone who used to be better than you.

Alternatively, chocolate milk may reflect how wonderful it feels to notice yourself being a winner or that people care about you.

Hot Chocolate

To make or drink hot chocolate in your dream symbolizes contentment, warmth and love.

To dream of hot chocolate represents a person or situation that makes you feel that you don't have to worry about something you think is a problem. It may also reflect encouragement or sympathy during a tough time. Alternatively, hot chocolate may be a sign that someone has taken care of your problem for you.

Chocolate Bars

To dream of a chocolate bar represents casual self-reward or treating yourself to something you don't respect. A casual treat. Commonly a symbol to reflect masturbation in waking life.

Chocolate Cake

To dream of chocolate cake represents a self reward and treating yourself during a special event in your life. Something that might appear when you take a vacation or do something nice for yourself.

Example: A man dreamed of being served chocolate cake. In waking life he was planning a vacation for himself.

Kit Kat Chocolate Bar

To dream of a kit kat chocolate bar represents feelings about having a wonderful time "breaking" something. Enjoying ruining something. Enjoying ruining something that someone you don't like likes. Treating yourself to an experience when you get to ruin something or neglect others feelings. Enjoying hurting or embarrassing people you don't like.

Positively, dreaming about a kit kat chocolate bar may reflect enjoying having a wonderful time embarrassing your enemies or reversing your enemies gains or irresponsible behavior. Enjoying "breaking" your enemies achievements.

Negatively, dreaming about a kit kat bar may reflect awareness of yourself enjoying being irresponsible about something something sensitive. Enjoying doing something that will reverse gains you've already made. Enjoying an addiction in the middle of a detox and not caring about the consequences of it. Enjoying destroying the happiness or achievements of innocent people.

Example: A man dreamed of eating a kit kat chocolate bar. In waking he was in the middle of drug detox and couldn't resist taking more drugs. The kit kat chocolate bar in this case may have reflected his awareness of himself enjoying himself taking drugs and "breaking" gains already made through being sober.

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