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To dream that you are forgetting things signify life's anxieties. You are expressing an overwhelming amount of stress in your life. You feel the need to tend to everything and everyone's needs. Alternatively, forgetting something may represent your subconscious desire to leave that something behind. On a more direct level, the dream could just be your subconscious telling you or reminding you of a forgotten appointment or date.

Dreaming that someone forgets you suggests that you have changed into someone who you are not proud of. Perhaps you are questioning the person you are becoming. Alternatively, to dream about someone forgetting who you are implies that you are feeling insignificant or unimportant.

To dream that you forget where you live suggests that you do not want to go home. Is there a domestic conflict or argument?

To dream that you forget the baby indicates that you are feeling burdened by the responsibility of taking care of someone else.

Forgetting something in a dream means worries, trouble, misplacing things or heedlessness.

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