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To dream that you or someone has autism indicates that you are having problems communicating your feelings and thoughts to others. If you know someone with autism in real life, then the dream may be a reflection of how you are coping with this condition. It is indicative of stress.

To dream of someone with autism may represent difficulty communicating or "getting through to someone. Your awareness of other people purposely not listening to reason or warnings. It may also reflect you feelings about others being so stubborn or arrogant that they hear everything you say to them and never do anything about it. Your frustrated feelings about others preferring to be failures despite your advice or warnings.

To dream of being autistic may represent difficulty listening to reason or warnings. You may also have difficulty listening to someone you have no respect for. Full awareness of what is being said to you, but preferring failure because you are too arrogant, embarrassed, or afraid to do anything about it.

Alternatively, being autistic may reflect insecurity you have about not being like other people.

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