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A dream of climbing up my house with binoculars to see the full moon?

I had a dream that some friends/family came to my house and we were hanging out. Later on that night they said "let's go climb up your house so that we can chill on the roof". I said "ok". I saw the full moon through the window of my room. I went in my draw and got my (thick and powerful) binoculars and started to climb up my house. I made it too the roof but the roof was weak and unstable so I was scared that I might fall (but I didn't!). I looked up at the night sky with my binoculars but I didn't see the full moon. I looked up again at another area of the roof and I saw the moon but it looked far away (even with the binoculars). Later my friend called me and told me that they moved to a new house and that I should go see and that I could easily take the "E3 Bus" (Even though there is no E3 Bus in my city and she still lived in the city, just moved to a different house).

Anyway my dad was driving me around. He told me that he will not drive me to the house since it was quite a few blocks away so he gave me 5 dollars to get something to eat and to go but before I could I woke up! What does this dream mean?

Whenever I have a dream that stands out I go on dream-of.com/dreamdictionary. Type in moon in the search box and click interpret. Also try looking up other things that you saw in your dream such as binoculars, roof, friends, phone, the letter E and the number 3, 5 dollars or money, etc, anything that stands out clear in your mind really and see what it comes up with. I usually find the interpretations true to my current situation in my life, its worth a try.

The dream about climbing onto your roof infers that you are trying to be friendly with others but they don't seem to want to know much about you. The other person moving is your subconscious telling you that though people don't seem to want to know much about you, to be a bit more honest about yourself and don't act like someone you are not. Your dad in the dream is another reference to you not being approachable or interesting.

I think Its about your personality and interest. You always want to see what will happened to tomorrow .You always wonder what's God plan 4 U.

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