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All the dreams i ever had i''ve died.even ever since i was a child.why?

I hadve a long line of dreams where i die in the end.unfoutunantly i die in all my dreams.not one have i lived.heres a few of them in no particular order.there was the one where i was eaten alive by spiders, locked in a cage with a serial killer, falling off a roof, falling off a cliff, falling off a roof in slow motion, (that was a dream i had at leat 5 times) there was the alien invasion, the fight at school with a mutant, chubaca, there was the angry stampede of black ghetto children, once i was sucked to death in a tub full of leeches, once i had my nuts cut off and i bled to death, once i learned how to fly and i flew into a tree, the tree was in the sky i fell (in slow motion as usual) then one of my stuffed animals came to life turned into a monster and killed me, there was the one where i fell into a bottomles pit, the one where i was dragged to hell and burned to death, and then there was the one where i was standing in the middle of no where and just dropped dead for no particular reason.yup thats just a few of the dreams i've had.how do i make them stop.why am i having these dreams.i mean they used to be scary but now there just there.but still is something wrong with me.

Your dreams are saying that you have known a life filled with danger and many trials, and have worked hard to remain alive. The reality is that despite all the grief and evils you have faced, that you overcame them and remain alive.
Since these dreams can contribute to your health or detract from it, you should try to influence these dreams to more positive ones. Do not eat spicy foods before bed, and treat any heartburn you have, because this adversely affects quality of dreams by itself. Secondly, praying for positive gentle dreams does work. In addition, telling yourself as you fall asleep that you are seeking positive dreams and problem solving, over time diminishes dreams of frightening character.
Lastly, keep a dream diary where you record the dates and happenings of each dream. This way, you take the dreams from the subconcious mind to the concious mind, and you are less likely to have such violent dreams thereafter.
Best wishes.

here is a very important question, what happens in your dreams AFTER you die? I'm not a therapist or a "dream interpereter", but it seems like you are pre-occupied with death and horror. The fact that the dreams don't scare you might mean you view death as an escape.

spiritually, i think you need to pray because these dreams are not normal. there is a darkness and horror in your subconcious that needs to be removed

It shows that you feel you are a victim or don't have enough believe and energy to face life head on, which you have accepted now half. [not scary dreams anymore]
It would be beneficial to overcome this presumption and state of mind, by any positive means available to you, that involve loving your self and the world and life, no matter how much that could scare you to open up to and do so.

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