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An intense dream i had and I felt when I woke up.?

This is not really a question about what my dream "means" philosophically or whatever. so ill lay the back ground of my dream, I live in tehachapi ca, and in the mountains there are windmills, and I paint houses for a living. In my dream the windmill motors and blades lifted off of the towers and they (100's) like flew off towards town, then the windmills turned into Paint rollers and were flying at me.. the butt of the handle, where you screw in extension poles flew at me very fast, hitting me in the chest over and over,and it hurt very badly, when I woke i felt the physical pain for the first part of the day. I am 25 years old, and i was wondering if that means anything about my health, could i have been having really bad chest pains, which made me dream of that?

Nah, your probally smokiin 2 much piff and had a crazy *** dream. Thats y u shud Pass that shyt alreadyy...u sleepin on it lol .. By the way ur mad sexy.

How long did it last after you woke up? Any time body pain in a dream remains after waking, it could be an indication of a physical problem. I would be alert for any other symptoms and see a doctor if your pain returns.

Same thing happen in my past dream where i was standing on roof and try to maint my balance on edge of roof that where i install electric wire for christmas lities in past long ago.I miss my step and fell down toward ground and perished.My whole body jump up and down like pound right on my sofa.I woke up and feel sore on arms,legs and my head( broke into 4 pieces).The book explains what is mean that it is a fear of falling!It is so real in dream.

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