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Another one of these...yay...what does this dream mean?

Ok so i'll try to keep it short...so basically i was at my grandparents house, with a few changes to it...wasn't perfectly like it, some details like the toilet became the bathroom (they have the toilet and the bathroom seperate)...and the end of a hall it should just be a T intersection, but it opened into a living room, which should have been one room over...so not perfect...

Now back to the dream, so i was in the room where i would usually sleep...i woke up in the dream and heard something, i dunno what though...so i went to the bathroom and managed to somehow get hold of 4 plastic spoons...it was night time too..so with the spoons i'm walking up to the bathroom and then for some reason i just kind of drop to the floor...like get down and lay down...so this happens for a little while...then i finally go into the bathroom, i see some people in there and well try to take them on...

my dream resets...do the same thing...this time for some reason i run into the bathroom and drop down to the floor again...i can see the dude, he's wearing a balaclava and black everything else...he leaves, and i get into the shower...this shower is like the one at my own house...so i'm showering, and now it get's weirder...so now while i'm in the shower i imagine that i am having sex...and jacking off...the problem is that while i'm jacking off...my junk down there starts to get raw from too much jacking off (even though i haven't in real life one it in about 3 days now)...so then the lights go out in the shower...the dude in black comes back in and i'm scared like a little school girl...

dream resets, go through it again and then while i'm in the shower and the dude comes back in i start to think happy thoughts and then the lights come back on...and the whole house becomes a light and bright, like there are lights in the wall...so i go back to my room (where i was sleeping before) and there is now a bath tub, and it look a lot like my bathroom, has a funky mirror with lights coming from it...then my friend (andrew) comes in and speaks to me about water...wtf?...about water

So then we speak for a few seconds (i think, it didn't seem that long)...then i sort of mount the bath tub...wtf with that?

Then the lights go out again, i think happy thoughts and they come back on...they go out again and i run out of the room, think happy thoughts and more lights...for some reason like 10 different people come out...a few girls and some guys...i remember only 2 people that came out...both were girls.

So one girl, her and i start to ramble about it...like when 2 friends have something to say, and they speak really quickly...then we end up kissing a fair bit and are on a couch...we get up and she goes back somewhere...i see the other girl standing there with her hands on her hips...looking at me like sshe's judging me...she goes back into a room (one that shouldn't be there btw)...that girl that just left looked all sad and judgemental like.

Then i can't remember any more besides me going back into my bed and then it being 6:46am 10 minutes before i nee to get up

Sorry for the length...but what the hell is up with that **** there?

my suggestion is you pick up the book ; the dreamer's dictionary by: Lady Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett its a dictionary for dream interpitaions and cost around $10 it aslo explains how to read your dreams and what affect dreams that can be read and dreams that cannot
this is a vary odd dream and can most likly be lead to insicuritys 1st if you eat right before you go to bed the dream is void and un readable how ever if you can be 100% shure no real life sistuations or worries can result to this dream:
spoons in a dream can mean domestic happiness unless you lost them or snitched thm in which case you are being warned agest a bad deal that you may invest in take caution
sexual organs is in some aspect a dreem of contrary a dream of having diseased sexual organs is telling you to practice under indulgence for a time to dreem of deformed sexual organs is warning about casual sex relations if it was about unsual organs it augurs an increase in social popularity if you dreamed of exposing your organs you are being warned that your reputation is in danger through your oun indiscreation
if you would like to know more i would buy the book it helped me plety of times when it came to dream interpitations i ot mine at my local barnes and noble and it ha almost every word you will ever need to examine your dreams

Dreaming of intruders suggests that you feel threatened in some way and have the need to defend yourself, a male intruder is usually suggestive of threats to one's sexuality.

Masturbation shows a need for comfort, the fact that you are unable to do so because of feeling raw and the return of intruder again suggests that you aren't able to find any comfort - or feel that you can't. The girl appearing to judge you is how you feel about the issue. That you feel you would be judged in some way.

Whether this refers to gender identity/sexual preference/virginity or something more grounded like a form of bullying is something you will have to figure out yourself. But the general meaning is that you feel threatened, you're having a hard time finding any comfort and/or feel you are being judged probably unfairly.

I know you aren't going to like my answer, but all the stuff about your house (you) and the ambiguity about the dude and the female who seemed to judge you, I just get the feeling you are looking inside yourself, cleaning house, as it were, and you are fighting to repress homosexual feelings. Forgive me if I am wrong here, but I feel like you are Gay and trying to not acknowledge it. Being Gay is just the way Goddess/God made you and there is no shame or blaming in that. You are perfect and complete, just the way you are. I just feel that the fact that this kept reoccuring is signifigant. Some message that is very powerful and elemental is trying to come through. It is unusual, powerful and signifigant to return again and again to the same dream. And although I have answered over two hundred questions, I have never felt to say this, that you are Gay and fighting These urges. I didn't say it lightly. I just got a strong feeling about it.

PS: Dear Nathan, I just wanted to be clear that in no way was I trying to insult or disrespect you with my answer. If I insulted you, know that was not my intent.

-I can say that since the dream keeps resetting over and over, it is either just deja vu or foreshadowing. Or...probably something that you know you need to do, get over with it, or start, and you don't know what to do, how to do it, or where to start. Mostly likely it could be the girl that was judging you, or a past time friend.
-When you get happy thoughts, it's probably because you're thinking of a special someone and it helps bring you back to the light, helps getting back on track.

~Sorry, not much help. >_< lol

thx for your answer on my question

for your dream i think its like you're givin a few chances to do something differently because there is an alternate ending somewhere. your head was subconisly reseting the dream becuase the ending is not how you think it should be. now with the lights going out and you thinking happy thoughts to get them back on meanssomething like negative memories darken your surroundings and all the good things in life help lighten the burden of carrying them. I'm still thinking wtf was with the spoons and your friend asking you about water

plastic spoons - indicate you're more comfortable in your own home
When you were taking a shower and the dude in black came and you were screaming, then the lights went on and then went off again then the dude in black came but you started to think happy thoughts means you're trying to make something right,but you were scared to do it at first, then when you give it another try, you think positive and you're not afraid to do it anymore.

wow...weird how the dream reset like that 3 times. perhaps you were given another chance to do something different each time, but in the end, it still ended how it was trying to avoid from ending. maybe something in your life is similar to this situation. i'm not really good with dream interpretations, but that's pretty messed up. not sure i've told you what you couldn't have guessed for yourself.

thanx 4 answeing my question, i gave you the best answer and feedback.

as for your dream, i really stink at deciphering these things, but maybe theres something in ur life that you want to change or something. sorry im really not sure...

that's an incredible dream recall
and when you answered my question, all the 1st level consisted of was me getting into bed and falling asleep

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