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Anyone wanna take a crack at what you guys think my dream means?

I dreamed I was flying through the sky, like Peter Pan, very happy and what have you, thinking happy thoughts... And then suddenly, I stop and start falling. At first, I panic and resist, flailing my arms, but I give up and embrace my fall. As I fall, a slowed down instrumental version of "My Heart Will Go On" plays in the background. I alternate between falling fast and falling slowly. In the initial stage of my fall, I'm falling fast. And then I slow down (like videotape slow-mo) when I accept my fall, and then my fall speeds up again. But instead of landing flat on the ground and dying, I fall right into the driver seat of a red convertible Ferrari. On the passenger seat beside me is a girl who looks like Abigail Hawk (who plays Baker on Blue Bloods), and four new friends I made (in my dream) in the backseat. One was a brunette girl who looked like Amy Jo Johnson, the others were guys. One of them, the youngest, looked like Narnia's very own Skandar Keynes. The other guy looked like how Ryan Philippe looked in Cruel Intentions. The other guy looked like Bradley James (Arthur on Merlin). We were laughing and rocking out to songs on the radio.
What in the actual heck did I just dream about? It's so weird--I don't even drive! Anybody wanna take a crack at it, what it means?

Means your personal dreams are not as important as just living life and finding love. All else takes back seat to love. ... John is a dumbass. Obviously : l

Probably you had flatulence and the dropping of your character co-insided with the dropping of your guts in real life.

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