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Autism dream?

I had a dream that I found out I was autistic. Does this mean anything? I don't think so. I don't have any symptoms or anything that would indicate I'm autistic. I'm a normal person, occasionally messy, I forget some things often, and I certaintly don't have a photographic memory. Surely this dream was just random, right?

You may have a nagging feeling that you sometimes exhibit some of the characteristics associate with this syndrome.

But, if you only have an occasional lapse, that is normal.

We are imperfect creatures who sometimes exhibit all sorts of idiosyncrasies and behavior considered outside the norm, and, thus, should be accepting of these temporary aberrations..

Nope it was just a dream. Ever had the one where you are flying-doesn't mean that you are part bird.
BTW, total recall is not a sign of autism. You may be confusing this with being an autistic savant; which occurs in about 10% of the population with autism.

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