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Bad dream about delirium and dying?

I have a recurring dream where I am really sick. I am delirious. And I am having dreams/nightmares about my best guy friend. In my dreams, he is something that he is not in real life: cold, unfeeling, throws me aside when I try to plead with him not to pursue a certain course of action. (Note: There is NO sexuality or sexual tendencies.) I have no influence with him and no friendship of the depth that we actually have. He abandons me, in a sense.

In the dream, while I scream and cry and am delirious/not in my right frame of mind, he is sitting at my side and holding my hand.

When I wake up, I am sweating, crying, and sometimes whimpering or screaming. Sometimes, I will call him or text him when this happens.


Why does this happen to me? What does it mean?

It's hard to say since you've supplied a fairly ambiguous and vague post. You would need to detail the history between you and your friend, including what he means to you. You see, dreams encompass so much details about YOUR personal history. In order to dissect this dream and try to get to its core, it is imperative that you describe your personal relationship with your friend, what he means to you. What you've experienced together.

Feel free to email me with these details if you'd like a subjective interpretation!

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