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Boat dream?

I had this dream my friend and I were on a small paddle boat in a cave. Then we went to my nieghbors house in the middle of the night to get a flash light, the owner yelled and chased up down the street, then we loaded up the paddle boat with food, water, first aid etc. Then i told my mom we were going and really didnt care. Then we started paddleing the boat in the cave and i got scared of falling over a waterfall so we turned around.

I keep thinking about this dream and I can remember so many little details about it. Please explain what you think this about.

dreaming of a boat suggest an untaken journey with a love or loved one and an oar,
( Im assuming you were using 1)
means you have or will set aside your own wishes for others
then a cave
Is a warning that you may fall or be falling in love with the wrong person.

So basically this was a love dream!
hope I helped

i think u have funny dreams ^^

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