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Can anyone figure what my crazy dream means?

i just woke up this morning and rememberd the dream i just had, because it usually takes me a few hours until i can remember my dream. well the part of my dream i really remember was when i was walking around in this random american i would say neighbourhood and it was around evening time and when i was walking this girl i have a crush (at school) family were wondering around to. Once i walked pas them in the oppisite direction of them i met these people that were juggling and something i forgot told me they were people that the judges of american idol kicked out the contest ( but i havent even met these jugglers before ). They then asked me if i wanted to juggle with them and i joined and after a while the girl i had a crush on ran and joined in with us and we were just juggling. Its kinda werid and i want to know what this dream means. some answers would be really helpful thanks.

I think it just means that you are extremely 'hot' for this girl of yours and that you are secretly 'longing' for her to notice you...Hey there, I hope she does! :)

dreams r kinda weird always.u wer just thinkin abt your girl.thats y u had a dream walking wit her.cute thing is it all ended wel.ur girl atlast juggled wit u. and did u juggle well?

it means nothing ... just a dream .. dont wrry just eat good befor eu get ur next nap ...

it means you like that gal so better ask her out otherwise you would keep dreaming about her...

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