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Can anyone give me the meaning of these dreams?

Okay. The past four days I've had dreams which involve scarab beetles. They aren't centered around them, but they are there. The first one, it was just a beetle, sitting outside the window. I saw it and did whatever it was i was doing ((I can't recall exactly)). The second dream the beetle was in the room with me, but also just not going anything. The third dream was the same, though I was outside and the beetle had followed me, it seemed. Last nights dream was vivid. i was laying in bed with my friend ((We have recently started dating)) and he goes to move, but sits up and complains that something hurt him. We look down ant under him is the scarab beetle from before, but it's head is detached from its body and it is obviously dead.
I've checked many sites and they're all so varied. I'd just like to hear some opinions I don't have to pay an arm and a leg for. ((Also no, I have NO Egyptian ancestry)).
I actually wasn't going to post anything or even worry about ((had slipped my mind)) until this morning when my friend and I were eating breakfast and his mother mentioned a beetle in the house, and he said "Not a scarab, right? Aren't those extinct?" And it reminded me.

Here's some of my thoughts. I actually feel that the reason you're dreaming about scarab beetles is to do with your recent relationship. I feel that the scarab beetle is your subconscious mind (your soul, or if you don't believe in the soul, your intuition), it's trying to get your attention. In the first dream, it was by a window. Windows represent perspective. The beetle was outside, so it was asking for you to get some 'outside perspective' on your life and current situation. The fact that it came back and followed you, shows you that you simply can't ignore your intution and gut instinct. Something really is trying to get your attention. Next, you were in bed and your friend had the scarab beetle under him with its head chopped off. I think this could be a sign that you're 'losing your head' and not following what you really would do, not following your path. The scarab beetle traditionally represents transformation. For ancient egyptians, the scarab beetle was a sign of death, rebirth, and becoming. You need to ask yourself what have you become recently? In what way have you transformed? Are you listening to your head or your heart? Are you being truthful to yourself?

when you start thinking about something you tend to attract more of it and especially if your afraid of negative things and things that are imperfections, you get worried about them.

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