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Can anyone help me decypher the meaning of this dream? (DREAM N•1?

Keep in mind I believed I never dreamed before 18 days sober off Mary J. And I've only recorded my last 2 dreams which are really vivid and make me anxious no joke. I believe I've dreamed before during this sober period but I always forget so now I've kept a notpad beside my bed.

Dream date: 17/03/2013

Its hard to explain. Everything seemed futuristic but it had an old victorian sense to it. Everything was grey, except for a few characters.

So there was war going on like mad chaos on the streets I remember walking through it. Then I found myself with a girl we were together because it could of been our last time together and she kept saying you're going to die..(It was a big room with old guards all around, the ones who wear the full metal attire) proper old school, and there was a massive floor to ceiling window we were standing byt it, and there was a chandelier I remember crystal looking really fine) Anyways my friend Flossie 1 year younger then mee came in and that's when I knew the girl was her younger sister ( . Anyways the war was because of her haven't got a clue how).. Somehow after that I knew the war was over her. (She didn't tell me this but I remember she was the richest person in the world and her parents had just been killed so you she was the heir and the only link to something). I remember she walked up to us and that's when I saw her eyes, I saw the universe in her eyes.( I can't remember what it looked like but I remember the concept being just that in her eyes. And then she started talking in tongues and as soon she touched my shoulder, that's when the chandelier dropped and I think I woke up I'm not sure if anything else happened.

( I wrote down as much as I can remember but somehow I know its not the full story)

First off, congrats on the move to sobriety. One day at a time, as they say.

The war represents a war within your own psyche. If you are going to die in the dream, don't despair - in dream language, death can mean a moving on, and that could be good.

The guards are all your own, you have your guard up, or you are guarded about the changes, the war, etc. The Victorian and the futuristic = your history, and your future all represented here.

The heiress - this represents something that you can have for and in yourself, the riches, the universe, all she represents. That is, if you win the war. You do want to win the war, your unconscious is painting it not only as something you really need, but as everything, the universe, everything depends on it.

By speaking in tongues, are you referring the the religious phenomenon? If so, then there is a spiritual component here. Women in dreams are sometimes portrayed as the spiritual side of the male who is dreaming them. It is well documented that sobriety is 7x more likley to be successful with a spiritual component ("spiritus contra spiritum" said Carl Jung in a letter to Bill W., the found of AA. In other words, it takes spirituality to counter the alcoholic spirits). This is something that your unconscious knows, and it is telling you. You don't understand the languages she is speaking = you don't understand that language of all this yet. But if you can win the war and have her, the implication is that you will have it all (the universe).

When the chandelier dropped, I presume it broke. Its a way to paint a defining moment. It also means something is broken, in pieces. It's hard to say whether it is a good break or not a good one, but my guess is that it was good, because she (who is clearly positive, to me) was touching your shoulder. Is it a reference to being tapping on the shoulder, as in tapped to do something? Not sure, its your call (as is the entire interpretation). It can depened on what it felt like, but feelings can be misleading, because even if you were afraid when the chandelier dropped, it could be fear of your own life broken, but in order for the new to come. Not sure about that chandelier really - except that it is a defining moment.

If you post additional dreams and want my read of them, contact me (via my profile). It is a really good thing what you are doing - paying attention to these dreams at this time, and trying to make sense of them.

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