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Can anyone interpret a strange dream about dead nuns?

Yesterday night I had what could be considered a nightmare, meaning I woke up feeling completely paralysed, and had to calm myself down before I could move in my bed.

It started as following: I was in college and it was during the evening, and I had to leave class early for some reason. I hurried up, notified my teacher and headed to the college parking lot. I got into my car and out of nowhere my brother was with me in the car. So I'm driving towards home, and all of a sudden one of my friends is with me in the car.

We pass by an old convent (i don't know if that's how its called... where nuns live) and my friend tells me that she used to attend that convent and that it is haunted by dead nuns spirits. She starts telling all kinds of creepy stories and I refuse to hear her, close my eyes and put my hands over my ears not to hear. So out of nowhere we end up parked in front of the convent and all windows of the building are covered by light blue drapes. And there's a creepy feeling I feel.

Finally I find myself at home, in my brother's room. It's late at night and he's sleeping, while I'm watching TV with the light on. I'm afraid to go to bed because of the stories my friend told me. I then see the light of a flashlight thats coming from downstairs. I approach the stairs and see my mother going up the stairs. I tell her I can't sleep and that's where the dream ended.

Also, during the entire dream I had a necklace in my possession. I don't know if I was wearing it, or just holding it, but a necklace was present for the entire dream.

Anyone know what that dreams might mean?

Oh-scary honey!

I suppose it depends what nuns mean to you...and how their presense as relating to your friend is perceived by you...only you can truly answer this meaning as it applies to you.

I wonder if that necklace was a rosary...hmmm...very interesting sounding dream though.

To see nuns in your dream, signifies purity, chastity and obedience. It also indicates that you need to live up to the vows and promises you have made. Material fortune and gain may be interfering with your spirituality. Consider also the pun of being "none" or "nothing".

If you are a woman and dream that you are a nun, indicates unhappiness with your current situation and environment. You are looking for an escape. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you are looking for a sense of security or calmness in your life

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