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Can anyone tell me what my dream means?

i fell asleep today in the middle of the day and i had a dream.in the dream there was nothing it seemed to be a world of no life or matter but barren and blank..after viewing this blank existence for some time in which i dident even seem to have a body just my thoughts. i heard a voice and it yelled to me still showing nothing of itself and said "the worms will burrow into your eyes and your mind will be filled with parasites ,and your ears shall be plugged with tar and you will no longer listen to the words of your kings ,and masters ,and you will take a place in the earth.. hate will be spread like the ripples after a stone is cast into the water after all this death will fill the world and the smell of burning flesh will reign and your would will never be cleansed and neither will the pollution in your mind " after it said this the white would seemed as if it was being sucked down a sink and it was strewn about like a what i always pictured a black hole to look like ,and it turned to a world of pure blackness and i felt as if my soul was about to explode and than i was awoken.

Day dreams mean nothing, forget it

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