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Can you write poetry in your dreams?

Poems always come to me in my dreams so I was wondering if anyone else has this ability?

thanks and I hope you have a wonderfully fantastic beautifully amazing day


I love your positive approach to each day.

My answer is from my perspective. I doubt, and certainly don't think a whole poem, but perhaps a line, could be quill-ed to parchment while the Vikingness is in slumber, but I have had the most vivid dreams, and the dream once I realize I even had it is like he sand in an hourglass...slowly slips away from certain imagery to fleeting and lost...during the time the hourglass is emptying, I have written down thoughts and half sentences of what I remembered, and have pieced together things before, by that I mean...

Have you ever dreamed the same thing over, or an extension or continuation. It is ridiculous, but it happens. Seriously. One I have had, though has been some time, is of rescuing my Dad.

Great Question. Thanks.


I often get inspiration from dreams, but never a fully formed poem. Instead, what seems during the dream like a most fantastic poem, turns out to be on waking, almost incomprehensible. And the same thing happens with programming, too. The code I write in the dream is perceived as elegant, efficient, and superb. Pure garbage in the waking state, but the methodology is sometimes useful.

Well me not the same, but when a sentence comes in my head sad or happy I started writing a poem.

It is a great time to write just as you wake up. Still under the creative impulse of Morpheus.

I share your experience :) I dream of paintings, poems, and even some glass I've blown, its pretty cool, huh?

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