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Could you tow a 30' Scarab with an Escalade ESV AWD?

My dream boat is a 30' Scarab Panther which has a listed weight of 6400 empty... Not sure how much a 30' trailer would weigh, maybe 1300-1500? Then there's lots of gas of course. The truck is an '07 Escalade ESV AWD with tow package.

Your vehicle has a 7800 lb towing capacity, which means that even with an aluminum trailer and no fuel, you would be at or over the limit.

I would not want to tow that boat with your vehicle. You would be better off either leaving the boat at a marina, or getting a larger truck (I would recommend a one ton dual rear wheel pickup at the minimum) to tow your boat. The choice will be based on if you plan on putting the boat in at different locations or not

The 2007 Escalade has a Maximum towing capacity of 7800 lbs. So you would be coming close. You should try to stay shy of the max tow for obvious safety reasons.

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