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Did I had a feminist-like dream or was it crazy?

Last night I dreamed of a strange Cinderella-like story; it took place in 17 century England, London was under Puritanism, they weeded out all Catholics and Pagans and destroyed statues of the Virgin Mary/Goddess. and here is were Cinderella character comes along, her mother died giving birth to her while under the statue of the Virgin Mother in some sort of graveyard. Her Puritan Father married an unkind woman with two most beautiful but arrogant and self-righteous daughters. The women of this time were looked down upon, Men called them daughters of temptation, which might explain why the stepmother seemed so cruel even to her own kind, but mostly to her stepdaughter because she was headstrong, optimistic, stubborn and (in her mind) not Biblically feminine. She would beat and strap her until her back was blue and bloody. The step-family left for a holiday to look at the handsome prince/king of some rich country and forbade the poor girl and if she was rebellious, the step mother threaten her to send her to a brothel and if she ran away she would have her chased as a thief and whore. the daughter ran towards the graveyard to cry, and she found the Virgin mother statue and wept underneath it. Until, a very ugly old woman dressed in black appeared and scared her, she thought she was a pagan witch, but the Pagan woman helped her in a fairy godmother way, but as the girl turned around to thank the Pagan woman, she saw the statue of the Virgin Mary winked at her.

What does this mean?

Conscious made story made through lucid dream meaning nothing

First of all you did not ask the question right. Second dreams are things that are in your subconscious. Nightmares are mainly what you fear. And if you are on any medications you will most assuradly have crazy dreams. And I believe your dream is crazy, but in the bible it says not to worship false idols. And a lot of people worship the virgin mary. Which is their right. But she was not Jesus, and no one but the people who seen him knows what He looks like. The painting of the last supper, well you can't go by that. Di Vinci was not alive when Jesus was. I think you are trying to live in a fairy tale where you might want your dreams to be reality. Or maybe you want to be Cindarella.

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