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Didn''t Natives around the World live in peace, because they killed anyone that might be a threat to ...?

... their way of Life?
Why do you insist on living your Utopian "pipe" dreams? There never was and never will be a perfect material world.
When there is Real peace on a material world. That eventually leads to material problems. Populations grow. Cities become glutted, people having to compete for jobs, since not everyone can trade for goods among 100s of 1000s of people. There are problems with sanitation, trash control.
Pull your self-righteous heads out of your arrses!
And stop promoting your hatred, like everything is alright with the world, except for those who you personally choose to hate, under the pretenses that you care.
Thank you very much.


I agree with you in that people have to stop living in a dream and hating others for not sharing their dream...

However, I do believe whole heartedly, that--although we may never reach shangrala status--we have the means by which we can create a pretty good society.

We have incredible technology...potentially great health care...people are smarter at younger ages...and we have deep understanding of how humans work, how the world works, how nature works...etc...

So if could pull all those things in...we could really get something really good going. We have to reach for the stars, right!

Now, certainly...it is other versions of a utopia that get in our way of creating a good reality.

No, that's simply untrue.

Yes, there were often conflicts, but most of the time people coexisted, usually trading with those around them, with some people trading across huge distances, and many cultures.

When people did war, it was never over people's "way of life" but over scarce resources.

I don't claim the world will ever be perfect; that would be silly.

But about 85% of suffering is unnecessary; if we avoid it, we'd all be MUCH better off.

War isn't the main cause of death in the world as a whole; ending it won't lead to over-population, as we now have reliable birth control, and more people are using it than ever before.

I don't promote hatred; never have.

Try a little accuracy -- you may grow to like it.

I think any civilization will kill to defend anything that threatens to take their territory, or threatens their way of life. Humans have always defended their livelihoods and what was theirs. It's been going on since mankind has been around. Look at the mideast, Africa, the Mayflower, Texas and Mexico.

Time for tea.

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