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Do my dreams mean anything?

Lately I've noticed that in my dreams I can never run properly. Im usually running to something important, or away from something chasing me, but I always have so much difficulty. Its almost as if my legs are made of rubber and they weigh like 100 pounds (because they're very difficult to lift and move). I can't stand properly, and I keep stumbling/ tripping. Does this mean anything? Or am I just physically challenged in the dream world.

I just had a dream like that. I was running as fast as I could, I think from a cop, and he was walking next to me at a comfortable pace. I felt like my lungs were going to explode because I was running so fast, and he was just walking, shaking his head at me.

Sometimes, dreams are just dreams, they give your brain a break while you sleep. But if you're into dream interpretation, someone chasing you usually means there is an aspect of your life you're trying to get away from, stress, anxiety, debt, maybe some character trait you don't like about yourself...Only you know, but if your legs feel heavy, maybe you feel like your stuck in your situation; there is no escape no matter how hard you try.

If that's the case, instead of running from the problems, why not confront them? I'm not big into dream interpretations, but check this link out:


You dream when you sleep, don't you ? everyone dreams something, every time they are sleeping, due to our brain still works, even if you are out of order, usually you can't remember what you dreamed, that means that you slept very well, but if you do remember something, it is usually the last moments before waking up, couple of seconds. It is believed that when you dream all movement and views are happening 7 times faster than in our real life, hey maybe real life is a dream too ? hum, but that is another topic.. it is faster, because the brain is so powerful and fast and can handle information so fast, that you can't believe it yourself.. to sum up, if you sleep 7 hours, you dream something for 7 hours and if the theory is right 7*7=49 hours (another longer life ?). But what can we dream ? the brain is so powerful, that it can remake everything it wrote, so if you saw something you will never forget it, just that it will be somewhere deep inside you. If you're dreaming a place you know and you walk to a place you still weren't, it will be created from different parts. The most enjoying dreams are when you understand and know that you're dreaming, that rarely happens, you can feel like a GOD there, just that this effect does not take long, in my opinion dreams can be created with machines, by creating some dream machine which could control it, it is even much better than some Virtual World, because your brain can send an exact signal of touch, taste to you, you can dream that you're kissing, if you ever kissed of course and think that the emotion is real, even if no one is near you, you can dream that you eat ice cream, even if you really don't, but the feeling is the same. I don't believe that dreams can tell the future, because the brain only executes things which already happened or from different parts put a puzzle together, not the future. Nightmares and etc. can be dreamed due to you have something inside you what scares you, usually if you're afraid or you watched a horror movie and went to sleep and your brain just creates something. Of course dreams can be very stressful, you might get insomnia or never get a good night sleep due to them, therefore you can lower the stress too, if you dream nice things. It is nothing more than your brain showing pictures to you with incredible speed in addition sometimes with taste and touch.

dreams usually have something to do with your life. It could be a show that you watched that day, something someone said or something that may be going on in your life. In your case, this could mean that there's something important in your life but you cant do anything to stop it or that your having trouble getting to something in your life. Think about your dream in correlation to your life. When you wake up from a having a dream, such as this one, write things from your dreams that stuck out to and then write next to them what they have to do with things in your everyday life.

To dream that you are trying to run but cannot make your feet move as fast as you want them to, signifies lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. It may also reflect your actual state of REM paralysis while in the dream state.

Hope I helped! :)

Dreams are the way our sub-conscious deals with the things we do not/can not deal with consciously.

maybe its because you were fat as a kid...

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