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Do people with autism dream?

I was watching a television programme which stated that one of the symptoms of autism was lack/poor imagination. I'm not sure if this is actually true or a sweeping generalization. It made me wonder whether people with autism dream. Do you/they dream? If so, what are your/their dreams like?

Yes, people with autism dream.

When it is said that people with autism lack imagination, it is meant on a social level. They lack social imagination. They don’t usually lack other kinds of imagination. Actually, some people with autism have a very vivid imagination.

I’m an adult with Asperger’s syndrome (which is a mild form of autism). I often dream. I also daydream and I have a good imagination. I have created another world in my mind and not a day goes by without me visiting that fictional world in my mind. It’s like I’m watching a TV serial, except that I make it up on my own inside my mind.

It's a great question and i would tend to agree with another answer that said it depends on where you think dreams come from, I believe dreams come from events that happen day to day, for example I was questioning myself and getting very distressed about how much I loved my autistic son as he has no bond with me but always goes to his Dad for everything. A couple of nights later I dreamt he got run over on a cattle grid (we had just sold a cattle grid for my Dad on ebay that day), obviously I woke up distraught and realised what my son means to me but it all tied in with my thoughts and events of the last couple of days. My son is nearly 4 and has severe autism, when he sleeps he has rapid eye movement, murmurs in his sleep (despite being non verbal) and sometimes wakes up scared and upset as if he has dreamt. I don't know the answer but I would guess at yes if you believe dreams don't mean anything, which I don't. (I think lol)

It's not a sweeping statement. To be diagnosed with autism you have to have difficulty in each area of what is termed the triad of impairments. One of these areas is imagination. However, it is not views of autism that determine the answer to this but views on dreams and where they come from etc. Personally I would say dreams do not require imagination as we our not consciously thinking them up. Rather they are a visual representation of our subconscious mind. There is no evidence to suggest that people with autism do not posses a subconscious and they do have a tendency to be highly visual.

I have a form of autism and i do dream. I actually have a great ability to imagine things and daydream.

everybody dreams

they do dream

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