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Do you believe dreams have meaning?

If so what does this dream mean?
I dreamt about my grandma who has cancer she the cancer started on her lung and now she has it on her liver and spine chemo is shrinking the cancer.
Any the dream was my grandma moved house to somewhere quite far me and my mum couldn't find the place so rang her she came to meet us in a park there where children playing on their bikes my grandma then said my house is just through there pointing towards a dark and gloomy footpath with loads of trees either side, me and my mum then said to her you can't live there we would worry about you walking home on your own...

This dream has done my head in what if anything is my subconsious mind trying to tell me?

Not always true, only sometimes.
For your case, ur love 4 ur grandma(in her condition)made u dream of her. Me to interpret ur dream : i'm not a psychaitrist/psycologist/etc. My reading is only an illusion. Dont believe me.
From how u descsibe ur dream : Ur grandma wud like to leave this world alone. Her time is drawing near but when ? She be happy where she wud be going with kids playing. She doesnt wish to have her death making u & ur mum sad. That's how come she shifted away to be alone(dark.&gloomy with loads of trees).
Spend Quality Time w ur grandma. Dont let her witness ur sadness. In her presence, be cheerful, smiling always& DONT CRY !

Well, lots of studies already tried to discover meanings of dreams... Mostly they are results of the external factors (like sounds and such) and they can also be projection of the past... I have no idea what could your dream mean because I don't know anything specific about your mother or grandmother but it could have some meaning.

Dreams are for loved ones who have disceased to visit you and let you know there okay and they also have a meaning to tell you something.

no not really

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