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Do you find it strange that numerous people in my family have had the same kinda dream? what could this mean?

my sister, mom, and myself have all had dreams that my brother has died all withing about 3 months. i have had 2: in one we werent sure what had happened but my whole family just knew he was dead and we were crying and stuffand then the second i was in the mall with ny friends and i saw a little boy crying and i went up and asked him what was wrong and he looked up and said i just wanna kill kendall( my brother) and yeah. so that one was pretty creepy. my sisters was more detailed though... she and my mom were looking in an abandoned apartment and my sister kept trying to get my mom to leave but she wanted to stay. so my sister wardered off without my mom ( in some point of the dream there was a horse i cant remember exactly what it did but it scared my sister in the dream and it was like an evil horse i guess) so my sisyer went into one of the rooms and there was a big devil painted on the wall ( we are christian so thats pretty creepy) and it freaked my sister out so she left the room then she heard a scream or something and ran back into the room and my brother was laying on the floor dead( this was in the room where the devil was). and so in my moms dream it was set in our old neighborhood that we lived in for about 11 years and moved from about 4 years ago. so my brother set up a tent in the front yard and slept in it and when my mom went to go check on him in the morning he was laying in there dead. so yeah we think its really weird how we all had dreams where he dies. my brother is 23 if that helps any. my sister is 22 and i am 15. so what do you think this all means?

I'm not sure what to make of the imagery, as you have several dreams jumbled up together, and should probably post each individual dream in as much detail as possible for a better interpretation of each dream.
I will comment on your original question though.
You are a family, you grew up together. Each family has it's own family culture that they build around themselves. a way of looking at things, and doing things, and putting things that is unique from any other family. You have some things in common in the way that you look at the world and the way you approach things. You all also have the opportunity to observe things about your brother, he is something that you all have in common, and you have a chance to observe and interact with him on a daily basis, so if he is having a problem of some kind in his life, you would all know about it. To answer your question, you all have your brother in common, you all know about any problems he is having in his life, and you all have reference points in common as a family, so yes, you may all be dreaming about the same thing. That you are all dreaming about the same thing suggests that you are all worried about your brother. I don't want you to take these dreams as a sign that your brother is going to die. Dreams of death are often about times of transition in a person's life. It is very rare that a dream about someone dying is really about an actual death. At 23, your brother is at a time of great change in his life. Dreams of death are often about an end of one phase of a person's life, to begin a new phase.
I really don't know what to make of all this imagery jumbled together, but will comment on some of the symbols going on here, and if I come up with anymore insights, will come back to post further. Apartments and tents are temporary dwellings. This suggests a time of instability in your brother's life, or perhaps a temporary phase that he is going through. That your mom returns to an earlier time in her life, and his, suggests that she wishes a return to the values your parents instilled in this earlier time when maybe the home as a whole was more stable and happier, and that she finds him in a tent out in the yard, something in this imagery suggests "moving out", or perhaps abandoning the values and life that was treasured in the former dwelling. In this context, the tent suggests a transient or unstable phase of your brother's life in relationship to the stability of the dwelling he has moved out of. The front yard is a "public" yard, where the back yard is a "private" place, the things your brother is going through may also be embarrassing to your mom in some way, that this stuff with the tent is taking place in public where everyone can see it. The devil suggests that in this time of instability, he may be wrestling with a problem in his life or a temptation of some kind, such a drug use, or being unable to find a job, or negative attitudes that are holding him back, or something.
The little boy who wants to kill him suggests that he is immature, and needs to let go of something childish in his attitude. A childish or immature attitude could be leading him to make bad decisions in his life that are worrying the family, or that are holding him back from the adult life he needs to move into. That he dies in these dreams suggests that these things in his life, whatever problems are going on in his life need to be ended, and the family is dreaming of him dying at the end of it because they all want to see these problems end. Hope this helps you...

It is obvious you are all worried about your brother. Is he involved in some things you think are bad for him?

Could you have influenced each other to dream the same thing, after the first one, of course?

I think something happened while you lived in your previous home that has impacted your brother, or maybe the move impacted him in a negative way. Maybe he is "stuck," emotionally or physically. Did you family experience some grief or loss before or soon after leaving the previous home, or was the move itself traumatizing? What has he lost? a parent? friends? a love relationship? opportunity? health? Does he need some special help to help him get what he needs or find his way again?

Your family obviously feels your brother is in danger from harm, from sin, addiction, illness, other people or some other force. You are feeling you are helpless to help him, that he is beyond your reach. You're praying for help, and you may need to call in some "outside resources" to make any progress.

One thing to consider is that he might be ill and need some kind of treatment. There are illnesses that cause a person to have little to no energy and get depressed and not be able to keep up with life's demands. A visit to the doc could possibly identify if he has low thyroid or some other treatable illness that would improve once he is diagnosed and on medication.

Even if he will not go, the rest of you might benefit from family counseling. A counselor might guide you in ways you could help him. When one person is sick or distressed, the entire family suffers, and often they have all been impacted by whatever is harming their loved one as well. Sadly, it usually takes a real emergency or crisis to get people to seek the help they need. It would be good to take preemptive action. If you act now, you might be able to intervene before things get further out of hand.

A counselor might also refer you to resources that would help your brother in whatever are his areas of need, such as financial aid for education, opportunities for growth and training, or whatever else might benefit him, and even your whole family. Even if he doesn't go, you might all benefit, and maybe he will join you eventually if he sees you are experiencing a positive benefit from it.

When something happens to get a young person "off track" at this age, it can be hard to get back up and start again. I pray God's very best for all of you!


Edit: After reading Beatlefan's answer, I realized I did not mention that death in dreams seldom mean actual death. I'm glad she mentioned it. Beatlefan has a lot of good insight!

Considering you are all family, I don't think it would be weird. But if it did mean anything, I would have to guess your brother has something wrong in his life right now that you guys don't know. Try to observe the way he acts, is he depressed, sad, happy?

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