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Do you think it is possible for Satan to attack us in our dreams?

@Lightning: How in the world can you say it is not Biblical? If Satan can wholly possess one's mind to such extents as causing him to take up dwellings within the catacombs and cut himself and to have strength to break chains, how could he not enter in to one's dream state as well with his only intent of deceiving? You are preaching a false gospel, one of the reasons that I dropped you like a hot rock long ago. Your status with yahoo has gone to your head. You are more concerned with being on a first name basis with yahoo team members than you are with The Truth! And just exactly how did you get to the status you're at? It is by running a ring of Y!A users in order to email each other your questions to vote yourselves best answers and to mass report any who don't agree with you. Am I lying? NO! I, too, once fell from grace and participated in your ring, but this prodigal son has returned Home for good! It is WAY past time that you are seen for the deceiver you are!

Yes, Satan can an will use anything to attack us. Fortunately for us we can always call on God, and he is always there, and never lets us down. :)

The moment we step into the paradoxical sleeping period of the rapid eyes movement, odyssey of sleep begins to wander into the atmospheric space where our dreams take place. This was where we met most spiritual entities either dead or alive. Besides the living spirits that wander during their sleep, the dead were also there to share the space. This was also where the demonic world stay to watch the spectrum of our auras. When our spirit was still within the orbiting range of our "desire" gravitational space, our dreams could be seen with their actual experiences. The satellite transmission could still be received by our mind. Our "desire" energy of gravity could still hope for some reality to takes place. This was what our dreams was all about.

But when our "believe" enters into the non gravitational space outside the orbiting sphere of our life. The "desire" which was with the sleeping body could no longer gravitate the actual event that the "believe" experienced. This identical twins of our "life" was separated during our sleeping period. The "believe" will leave the body for some reconnaissance. Wandering into the atmospheric space where the demonic world lived in the electromagnetic field is a "free trade zone" of global congregation. The "weight" of uranium in our knowledge was what the "believe" will shone from its brightness in the dark universal space.

The spectrum of our auras was like a sparkling light passing in the dark universal space. Demonic entities may have some interest to invest their business proposition. Human is their commodity to invest their satanic prosperity. We may not know their diabolical investment. The "desire" on the body was where they took so much interest. Demonic entities will watch our spirit with great interest. This was where the 'desire" was shown by the "believe".

We could always speculate what could really happen if we do not have sufficient energy to repel them from approaching near.

That is the only time Satan attacks us. Our lives in this state of being are no more than a dream of separation from God. When we awaken from our dream of separation and into God's dream, Reality, we are safe from the onslaught of mistaking the apparent for the Reality of Spirit. There Satan has no hold and no power for his realm is only the world and below which is to say, within the dream of separation.


He knows how well we seek interpretation to things of the unknown or the mysterious side of life.
Our minds are much more active in the state of sleep then we can ever imagine.
While our dreams are usually just that, they can become nightmares when we do not put them to the test of the Holy words of GOD through the bible.
GOD does not wish to be the author of your confusion but the one who solidifies your faith in him.
Satan on the other hand is like a dangerous magician who will use any trick to distract you from that goal of fellowship in your LORD and maker.
Why else is Jesus often see in dreams but they do not honor his deity of who he is.

A great example is Mormonism and islam.
Both religions were brought to their creator in dreams.
Neither honors GOD, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit in a biblical manner.

Well, Satan and God are imaginary, but since dreams are hallucinations, you can experience pretty much anything. I had a dream about the Christian version of the deluge myth, sort of. In it God was busy drowning the entire population of the world, and Lucifer was trying to help some innocent children get to the top of a building to avoid the flood, and he was weeping because he knew it probably wouldn't work. I've also had dreams about various other gods.

None of them are real though. Dreams are hallucinations, to take them as something more is irrational and can lead to poor decisions and dangerous actions.

Often this is thought to be nightmares, Some people think Satan or demons are infiltrating their minds during nightmares, but there is nothing in the Bible to substantiate this. There are no biblical incidents of demonic forces communicating with people during dreams or nightmares. Most likely, nightmares are nothing more than the brain’s way of contending with our fears and concerns as it continues to function during sleep cycles. If a Christian experiences continual, frequent nightmares that are interrupting sleep and causing emotional disturbance on a regular basis, perhaps medical help is in order. But, as in all things, prayer is our most potent weapon against any kind of emotional or spiritual distress. Praying for fifteen or twenty minutes prior to sleep is the most effective way to calm the mind and heart and prepare for restful sleep. As in all things, God grants wisdom to those who seek it from Him (James 1:5), and He has also promised His peace to all who seek it. “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:6-7).

I think satan will use any means necessary to win us over. I think he very well could use our dreams to try and pull us away from God. And I'm sure God can speak to us through dreams as well. God Bless. :)

Yes it is possible. Ignore the idiots above. whenever something is attacking you in your sleep subconsciously yell Jesus over and over and speak a scripture. It will go away.

That's Freddy Krueger you're thinking of. Don't worry,Freddy won't be back after that horrific remake. He's officially retired.

Absolutely! I also agree with "Pitybluesboy"! ;)

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