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Does anyone know what it may mean that I dreamed about turning on the "lamp lights"? It was strange!

There were to switches on the wall. One was the regular light switch and the other was labeled "lumlight" (spelling correct), for some reason I 'know' that means lamp light and it was important to turn it on?/?

you need to realize a smaller subconciouse fact before the BIG light can come on.

It just means that you are probably dealing with some issues, subconciousely, and you are now beginning to work throught them. the two different lights indicates you need to come to two realizations, you need to look at one aspect before you can move onto the next one.

strange..i have weird dreams and i just write down what i can remember and save them for later. most times i don't know the meaning of the dream until later..then it makes perfect sense.:)

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