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Does my dream have a meaning?

alright, so it started out as me mom and dad. we were just getting back from fishing and it was dark outside with the street light thingys. well we step onto the dock and tie our boat up then my gma and my dog are waiting for us and we all say hi...i walk up the dock a little bit and start looking and there was 2 dog shadows and like 5 ppl shadows well casper (the dog) runs up the dock and starts barking and growling where the shadows are coming from but there's no one there...well later on me and my gma were at the house after mom dad and casper left and idk when but someone replaced all the lights in our house with red ones and it was SUPER creepy...well when you walk by them they would dim or go out...well my gma somehow disappeared and i couldn't take the lights anymore so i ran across the street to chases house and travis (one of my adult friends) was standing at the porch talking to them and it was night time at my house and day time over there well when i got about halfway across the street everything goes dark and something grabs my ankle and pulls me back to my house and i start screaming but no one can hear me and i cant see anything well everything flashes and im sitting there in like one of those sepia movie scenes and my house is in the middle of nowhere with one of those windmill things and in the backyard is a swing and its just sitting there then it starts swinging but there's no wind no people no nothing and its really squeaky but then i start to run around but i cant find anyone and i sit down on the ground and just start crying... then that's when i woke up and i was actually crying...

I think dreams always have meaning. I think this dream means you are feeling lost.

Sounds like you maybe experiencing some loss of closeness within your family. I notice how you were always separating yourself from your parents. Then you were close to your grandmother and she left you. Only your house was in the dark and creepy to you. I am wondering if you may feel abandoned or looked over by your family? The fishing trip suggests that you have good memories of your family, but something is off in that dynamic right now. Reflect on the relationship that you have right now with your parents and talk to them if you are in fact feeling abandoned. It will help to open up to them and ease your fears. Good Luck!

Dreams are Dreams!
Your imagination is Extremely active when you are at rest, trying to place all of your daytime thoughts into some kind of order!
Absolutely meaningless.
but start writing them down, you may end up with a blockbuster movie!

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