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Does this dream mean anything?

i had this dream where me and my boyfriend we in line at taco bell (we went there for lunch the day before the dream) and his friends were with us. when i look in the mirror that's facing us, and see one of his friends "ryan" looking at us.
then the scenery changes, im assuming it carried on to later in the day, and we were at a haunted house and we all had partners so we could figure out how to get out of the house alive. my partner was ryan. in the beginning of the challenge, we were in the kitchen, and he comes up to me and flat out tells me that he's in love with me. he said he tried to hide it for my boyfriend's sake (his best friend) and that he couldn't take it anymore, he had to tell me. i just stared at him, dumb-struck and i told him that i really love my boyfriend, and that he's my absolute favorite out of my boyfriend's friends, and then we just became best friends, but he still loved me and just random stuff happened and then i woke up. it was really weird haha

also, i've been having dreams that i'm buffy the vampire slayer, except i'm me... not buffy. and my name isn't buffy, it's my name.

based on that info you dreams are trying to tell you that...NOTHING! YAY! woohoo. stephen colbert for president.

No really, your dream means nothing. Most dreams mean nothing, they are random and most typically involve settings present that we look forward to or have been present at. For example if u really wanted to go to a theme park, you would have a dream about the experience.

So taco bell comes from your own day. The dream revolves around Ryan and so that just means you feel different about him or see him different. dont think too hard

I dunno but i think it might mean that you actually like "ryan" you are thinking about him unconciously. you might like him deep down you just haven't discovered it yet.

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