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Does this dream mean anything?

I dreamt that i was in a house, on the ceiling there was this thing that you could hang chandeliers from only there was nothing hanging from it, the Barack Obama's wife came and started swinging from it, then someone in the room said i should try that it was fun. I didn't as i thought the thing wouldn't hold me.
Then a guy i like came into the room and started trying to encourage me to swing from it saying i'd be good at it etc, i felt to embarrassed so i didn't bother.
In the second dream i was in a car with my family and that guy, there was a lot of people in the car and i was squashed in the back seat, i felt frustrated at not being able to sit beside him and i remember seeing his eyes (what does it mean to see someone else's eyes in your dream?).
Anyway, the car was moving along, looking out the window i could see hills and the sun setting behind them, only it didn't look real, it looked more like and oil painting and the sun was setting too fast.
I then look out the front window of the car and i could see the sun shining high in the sky, i looked to the right and saw yet another sun nestled amongst a small cloud, there were two suns out at the same time, the sun on the right disappeared leaving just the one.
I can't remember the rest of the dream.
Can anyone tell me what it mean please? And also what it means to see someone else's eyes in a dream as i looked everywhere and can't find the meaning?
Thank you and i give best answers.

Dream 1 - The first dream is quite clear, albeit strange imagery! This is about standing your ground vs doing something wild - I feel like you might sometimes miss out on doing wild and fun things because you feel embarrassed or worry. Now this isn't a bad thing, because of course it is good to be safe and not take undue (life-threatening) risks, like falling to your death from a chandelier hook, but in waking life, is there anything you think is safe that you're just not doing for fear of ridicule or because it's adventurous and unusual? Standing your ground on morals is good, but sometimes you can miss out if you're not flexible.

Dream 2 - Traveling in the car is all about traveling and moving forward in life, ironically! :) Being with the guy you like is not really indicating anything except that you feel he is important in your world - he is in your dream, along with your family, so ranks of equal importance. You look into his eyes because you feel drawn to them; eyes are the window to the soul, looking into someone's eyes, especially someone you like, is about beauty, unity and hidden desires. Then you notice the outside. There are two suns - the sun is setting and up at the same time. Sun is the element of fire, which is representative of rage (negative context) and passion (positive context). The sun also is about light and bringing light to the world - so it's more of a metaphorical thought about goodness and beauty. I think this dream is more about the passion, but because the sun is doing two things, it suggests that you are confused about the situation with this guy; that things are not clear. You are passionate, but also distant (is this boy a crush or do you talk?). Love and passion brings light into your life, but it also is transient (the sun sets), so i'd make sure you have a look at your relationship with this guy; is there anything you can do in waking life to make it clear?

dream interpretation
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The sun sustains all life on Earth. When you see it in your dreams, it suggests that you are being nurtured and sustained by your environment and your life choices. It could also represent a spiritual force or the light of God. Sunrise may indicate new beginnings and a new wave of energy while sunsets suggest a period of closure and completion. Sunlight in your dreams is never a negative symbol. Light always symbolizes or indicates consciousness and may connote masculine energy. Its presence, even in the most disturbing dreams, has reassuring quality. Old dream interpretation books say that sun shining on you is an omen of good fortune and good will. "It is the classical symbol for the unity and divinity of the self; source of life and the ultimate wholeness of man

dream interpretation
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Eyes are complex dream symbols and can be interpreted by considering the dreamer's experiences and the details in the dream (as is the case with all dream symbols). Some say that the eyes are the windows for the soul. Eyes symbolize perceptiveness, personal outlook, clairvoyance, curiosity, and knowledge. They also reveal information about personal identity and suggest to the dreamer what he should pay attention to. Closed eyes are said to represent fear and an unwillingness to see clearly. Superstition-based dream interpretations say that if the eyes in your dream are beautiful they represent peace. Crossed eyes may be a unconscious warning about someone’s character, integrity, or misperceptions

Well i did Philosophy at school, and from what i know dreams are based on desires, wants ect... and also fears. im not sure how to interpret yours but also dreams stem from the same day, what you experienced that day stuff like that...

Hi Dear

It Means that you have high aspirations. You are waiting for your Prince

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