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Does this dream mean something?

Ok so I keep having repeated dreams of having a baby! She's 6 months old and I named her Emily (which is my great grandmothers name) this dream keeps happeneing and I feel sad when I wake up and it's not true like I miss her or something. I have 2 children and thought I was done as suffered really bad postnatal depression with my eldest (I'm only 22 and my son is almost 7) so I started very young. I started uni when my kids started school and nursery and I know if I had another baby I wouldn't beable to juggle all of it. Plus my son has autism and having a 2nd child was hard enough. But I can't shake this feeling of wanted another and keep dreaming about a baby? What does it mean?

There's a number of reasons you could dream this, as it's personal to you. The "baby" could be some kind of new project or new start in your life. It may not be linked to actually giving birth. I have dreamt that I had a baby and I've NEVER given birth. You have to think why you chose the name Emily (that's a big clue - what does your G-Grandmother mean to you, what does she stand for in your life and feelings?). Even though you know it would be foolish to have another child, it doesn't stop your being broody, and the dream could just be about that, or wanting to go back to the time when your children were born (or even when YOU were born). But whatever it means, it's not a prediction! It doesn't mean you will fall pregnant.

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