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Dream about a terrorist attack - what does it mean?

last night i had this really vivid dream,
i got onto a train and it was the middle of the day but when we pulled out of the tunnel it was dark and kinda foggy, like ash was in the air. i searched the horizon and saw planes flying in the distance and dropping bombs that exploded into huge fires. i felt panic and terror take over me, and everyone else on the train was the same, people started crying and trying to make contact with their loved ones, i thought of my family and my beloved dogs and desperately hoped and prayed that they were ok. i started rambling to these two women how scared i was and they looked at me like you wouldnt have anyone to care about you so dont whinge to us. so i moved over somewhere else and silently stared out the window watching as more and more places were bombed by planes.
another train came beside mine and pulled open the doors and told everyone that they could get everyone to the nearest plane and to the eastern states. i was torn between wanting to stay behind to try and find my family and my dogs and keep them safe and going and keeping myself safe.
i realised there was nothing i could do and if i stayed i would probably be killed or tortured so i got onto the other train and settled into a seat. the two women who were rude to me were glaring at me so i moved further away. i saw a young mother with her baby and she was struggling to juggle everything. she dropped her nappy bag and asked if someone could help her, people just looked away like they were pretending they didnt hear her, i went over and smiled at her, then picked up her crying baby and held it(dont know the gender) while she got her things together, i was rocking the baby in my arms and it finally stopped crying and looked up at me and smiled.

thats all i remember but the fear and terror were still there up to the end and i woke up breathing hard and my heart beating really fast, it felt so real.

anyone got any ideas what this would mean?
i live in Australia and thats where the dream was, i havent had terrorist attacks on my mind lately and i dont have fears about trains or planes if that helps.

thanks to anyone who responds

Your dream may have been due to some stress over things in ordinary life of late and simply pulled from old stressful imagery that was randomly accumulated over time.

It would be easy to ascribe the dream to being about concern for an attack, but there are many elements of society's ills shown in it. At the base of all these things seems to be a reflection of how selfish most people tend to be in open society. Many of us go about our daily business tending only to ourselves - some people will ignore a struggling mother with child and bags whereas, thankfully, now and then someone with your sensitivity steps in.

This despite the challenges of the terror around you. People are at their worst and best at such times - that is when true character is revealed. In that way, the dream could be an affirming one to you - "what would I do if..." may be partly the theme here. You do not ascribe personal guilt to others who don't help, you merely notice what we all see too often when mankind is in a situation of great stress - much that is ordinary punctuated by the occasional exception of valor. If that is in your heart, then be heartened - your dream can help affirm that it is worthwhile to feel that way.

Perhaps some of these observations can help spark some understanding of the dream for you as you reflect on your own concerns in daily life about things and how the dream left you feeling.

All the best to you.

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