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Dream about golden armor? What does it mean?

I dreamed that Liam Neeson, a king, and a princess came to a beautiful clear river. All of them were wearing golden armor. They all took all of their clothes off including the armor and jumped in the river. What does this mean?

One can really put on a really shiny and magnificent protective covering around oneself, but there are times when one should be willing to shed all this and expose ones true self. Jumping into the river with all this armor and glitter on ones body would take from the experience. Water can be both emotional and spiritual in its effect. It tends to be soothing and a place where one feels better not to be encumbered by external coverings. It is good to be able to present a magnificent and protective image at times, and at other times it is good to be able to let go and expose oneself and be freer(especially when with people that one is close to in a comfortable spiritual environment).

Meditate/pray, do mind-body or other exercise(not excessively), and eat healthy, so that you will stay spiritually strong and be able to act in regard to how you let people see you based on what seems to work best under the circumstances one finds oneself in.

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